When I Let it Go

When I Let it Go By Dru Ann Welch #WUVIP #LetItGo #BlogOfTheDay #TheWellnessUniverse

When I let it go, my health improved.

I remember when my life was not calm, serene or spiritual. Honestly, I have had my fair share of difficulties. I watch some of my friends who are still stuck in it and I started thinking about it: How did I actually change in my life? If I put it into actual words, will it help others?

Let’s start with the obvious, I’m older. My kids are grown up and living on their own, mostly. I don’t have to play the school game anymore. Our children don’t realize that as they are going into the school battlefield each day parents are in the trenches with them. It can be like going back to school ourselves.

When I was younger, I tended to be more of a “me” person than a “we” person. I judged others. When I realized that my opinion of someone else didn’t mean a hill of beans to the world, I started to actually listen rather than talk. This gave me more perspective on each persons’ actual situation in their life. When you judge you hurt yourself more than anyone else.

A big thing for me was learning to change my words and my thoughts. I vividly remember several instances in life when I wasn’t even looking at the issues facing me. I was blaming everyone and expecting a miracle. Looking back, I see that my despair and my thoughts were bringing more of the same into my life then. It really is the old adage, “what a man thinketh”. Our very thoughts are co-creating our lives daily.

In studying various aspects of metaphysics, I learned how our emotions really negatively impact everything in life. I started forgiving. I let go. I didn’t hold on to it anymore, holding on wasn’t making my life any better. When I let it go, my health improved.

The future is not written yet. The past is a page we read yesterday. When we take pen to paper today, that is what we need to be aware of.

So how can my story help you? Let’s see if we can make a formula out of it.

  1. If you have children in school it is impossible not to be a part of the drama. Schools are filled with lower level energy. Do your best to rise above, listen objectively and be the bigger person.
  2. If your children are all grown up, love them, but this is their experience.
  3. Life is like a trip to the grocery store. Experiences we have are items we have pulled from the shelves and placed in our carts. You don’t have to take everything to the check out with you.
  4. Take a few simple words completely out of your vocabulary and you will take the tribulations associated with them out of your life. First quit trying, then stop thinking about it. Actively participate in things in your life and take the measures to get it done.
  5. What are you thinking about? Our thoughts are like dropping a pebble in a calm lake. They are beamed out like the ripples and attract things to us. Negative self-talk attracts negative experiences. Positive self-talk attracts positive experiences.
  6. Let it go! Forgive yourself. Everything you hold on to holds on to you as well. Life is a cycle and we follow patterns. When we break the cycle, things change for the better.
  7. Find your joy in the now. The past is gone, future isn’t happening. Be present, participate in your life.
  8. Health is about learning what emotion you have carried around until it hits you in the physical body and requires you to notice it. Once you face the emotion and start to release it you will see your health improve.

I’m not saying any of this is easy. It has taken me about 30 years to get here. My hope is that perhaps some of you can speed up where you are now and have a smoother tomorrow. Let me make it easy: Let it go, be present, speak kindly to yourself and about yourself, be a doer, think good thoughts, love is not a 4 letter word.