Who Said Growth Was Easy?

Who said growth was easy? By Kellie Fitzgerald #WUVIP #SpiritualGrowth #Growth #DivinePurpose #Alignment #Positivity

Lately everyone seems to be talking about Universal energies and the energy fluctuations so many of us seem to be feeling.  More and more of my clients are coming to me with the same question: “If I’m finally becoming more myself and following my purpose and being more spiritual…why is my life falling apart?”   So many people seem to be experiencing the break-up of even very long-term relationships.  Others are finding long-term employment that has been counted on for years suddenly come to an end. Truthfully, this seems to be what happens to many of us when we begin to live a more mindful and purpose-driven life.  Basically, when we find and start walking our own truth.

While there is no simple “one-size-fits-all” answer this is what I tell my clients and friends who have come to me with this question.  Quite honestly, it is to be expected that when we grow and change we will no longer have things in common with those people, places and/or things we once did.  The question I ask is “do you still have the same friends and do the same things you did in kindergarten?”  With the exception of those very few people I know who do actually have lifelong friends, the answer is “no.” What is happening to you now is very much the same as what happened to you then…you grew, you changed, you became more yourself.

But exactly why does being yourself bring on such drastic changes as relationships, jobs and friendships ending?  Why can’t we be ourselves and keep all these situations intact? The easiest answer I’ve been able to articulate is that once we are aware of our Divine purpose on this Earth at this time the Universe begins to align people, events and situations to help us along our path.  To make sure we are able to achieve those things we were meant to do and meet those people we were always meant to meet.  In order to allow these things into our lives, everything that is not in alignment with our divine purpose needs to fall away.  Even those things we don’t think we’re ready to let go of.

Often during this process we experience a wide range of emotions – from excitement for the future to fear of the future; from gratitude for the new wonderful people in our lives to grief for those we miss being in our lives.  In my opinion, this is the most crucial time for anyone who has begun to live a mindful and purposeful life in alignment with their Divine purpose.  Sometimes people will let these life changes bring about negative emotions. Fear of the future becomes so prevalent the excitement is lost.  The grief felt over the loss of those old relationships seem to overshadow those bright new ones.  I’ve known several people who have actually gone through depression and anxiety during this period.  Finding even one positive thought during this time is crucial. It is imperative to continue adding one positive thought to another positive thought until you find your equilibrium.

Sometimes this takes longer than it seems like it should take.  This is OK.  If you find you’re really struggling, please reach out and talk to someone. The most important thing is to keep finding those positive thoughts. Keep moving forward, through the great times and through the not-so-great times.

No one ever said growth was easy, but it’s necessary and you can get through it.


The time is NOW to heal what is within ~ mind, body and spirit.

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