Why Even Bother? – 4 Things to Help You Decide

Why Even Bother? - 4 Tips for Deciding by Robyn Fritz #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Bother

Why Even Bother? - 4 Tips for Deciding by Robyn Fritz #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Bother

Why the Heck Should We Bother?

Struggling with “what you’re supposed to do” or “what you signed up for” in this lifetime? Bored by your job? Beset by difficulties? Just plain curious? Can’t stop thinking about why you should keep trying at home and at work?

Well, guess what? Your worry, angst, and curiosity are fuel. Use them to keep moving, even if you don’t yet know what that looks like. Start by asking yourself: Why do I bother?

It’s a tough question. When everything is going well, we don’t think about it. We just … do. By assuming all is well we may forget to dig deep and find out what “well” actually is. When things are tough, though, we don’t feel we have time to ponder: it’s act, or be buried by the landslide.

So, step off the not-so-merry-go-round and take a few moments to get ready to decide… to live, grow, laugh, and just take time to “be.”

Do these four things to help you decide why you bother:

  1. Deep breathing.

We all have to breathe: we just don’t always know how! Most of us suffer from a condition called “paradoxical breathing.” (Love the irony?) That means we breathe shallowly and backward: instead of breathing deep into our solar plexus and feeling our belly expand, and then contract when we exhale, we actually do the opposite (and from the top of our lungs, so we’re chronically short of air). Learning to breathe correctly can literally make you dizzy! Now, while this is a condition that besets people with back injuries, in particular, daily stress will cause it, too.

So, sit down, feet on the floor, close your eyes, and breathe for a count of five, feel your belly expand, hold for a count of three, then exhale to a count of four and feel your belly deflate. (Yes, I made up those numbers to mess with you! A sense of humor rules. Just breathe in, hold, and breathe out without passing out. Trust me, you’ll be just fine—eventually.)

  1. Laugh!

There are plenty of great joke books out there, a few funny TV shows, and cute cat videos. Find what works for you, then laugh out loud at the astonishing fact that you took a minute to entertain yourself—and didn’t die from the shock. Yes, it’s okay to have fun. In fact, it’s a job requirement for being you.

  1. Eat great food.

Yep. Do it. Nourishing food. Don’t forget to send a grateful thought to the farmers who grew it for you, the supply chain that delivered it, you get the idea.

  1. Move on.

Life goes on, even when we’re having a hard time. Yes, that’s supposed to be comforting—we’re in it for the long haul. While you’re moving on, move your body. Exercise matters.

Ready for it? Here’s the answer you’ll get (in time). We bother because we came here to grow our souls, and only the foolish thought it would be easy. That would be boring, anyway (okay, a brief daily boring spell is good—it gives us time to relax). We came here to experience life, and that includes the tough times.

We bother because we matter.

Everything and everyone matters. Never for a second think that isn’t true: the question is, do you believe it? Do you know, deep down inside, that you matter?

This is the work you were called to do: Learn to love and value yourself. Show up. Through it all. Be bold. Be creative. Banish fear and choose love. Banish the naysayers and choose yourself first. That’s where all great things begin.

This is a lesson I personally learn over and over again: through trial by fire, through fear that cleanses, through perseverance, we bother because love is all there is. No matter what.

What is your plan? What will your life hold? Curious to explore what you could be doing, or what your soul knows? I invite you to contact me for an intuitive or spiritual consultation and we can explore together why it’s so very important for you to bother!

– Robyn

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