Are You Willing to Swim Upstream?

Are You Willing to Swim Upstream? by Teri Mosey #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Upstream
The key to success, whether for changing the way you eat or manifesting anything you desire, is creating a daily practice.

It means showing up to the process EVERY SINGLE DAY. That daily practice is what separates those who have had endless temporary shifts in their lives with long term change eluding them versus those whose lives have been transformed by consistent actions.

Any change we wish to see in our lives requires repeated practice. Let’s talk about shifting the way we eat. (Our relationship with food is a reflection of who we are and how we are living so it is a perfect place to begin)

When the majority speaks of shifting eating habits, there is this tendency to seek the pathway that takes the least amount of effort in the quickest amount of time. I certainly get the appeal. What brilliant marketing as well.

As time passes, and I continue to explore the depth of food’s potential healing powers, I wonder, when are we going to start having honest conversations about what it takes to truly change?

Transformational change. Change that heals. Change that creates a new reality.

Change that brings us closer to the best version of our selves. I can share with you that it is not in the latest detox diet, four-week jumpstart cleanse, adding an extra side of veggies or having the occasional turmeric tea.

It requires an overhaul of your entire relationship with food. EVERYTHING. Starting with food choices, cooking preparation, the eating environment and all the way back to our thoughts and beliefs about food. IT ALL MATTERS.

And I get that this type of commitment to change comes with challenges. It is human nature to cling to conditioned ways of living.

I’m inviting you to take your life’s journey from the driver’s seat, not the backseat.

The question is, “Are you willing to swim upstream?”  One of my favorite stories is the Ancient Legend of the Koi.

It is an ancient tale. A school of koi fish is swimming up the Yellow River in China. As they swim upstream against the current, building their strength, they arrive at a waterfall. Just at the sight of how high this waterfall was, many of the koi turned around and let the flow of the river take them back. It was easier than trying to stop the waterfall.

Some koi stayed and were determined to reach the top. Again and again, they would throw themselves up the waterfall continually getting tossed back. As they were doing this, the koi drew the attention of some of the local demons. These demons laughed at the koi and decided to make it even more difficult by raising the height of the waterfall.

The koi still did not give up and attempted to reach the top of that waterfall for one hundred years. With each toss back, with each setback, the koi grew stronger and stronger. And then the day came; a koi made it. It reached the top of the waterfall.

The Universe, smiling down, turned that koi into a golden dragon.

Any koi that takes the leap. Any koi that has the strength and courage to leap up that waterfall will become a heavenly dragon. Those waterfalls have been referred to as Dragon’s Gate. Koi to this day, are symbolic of overcoming adversity and fulfilling one’s destiny.

Becoming the best version of ourselves, meeting our authentic self; life sometimes takes being daring. It takes commitment and it takes practice. Daily practice. It takes pushing out of comfort zones and doing something completely outside our “norm.”

In order to be healthy, fit, our ideal weight, with no health issues, with a mind of peace and expansive clarity, we need to actively evolve who we are. Are you ready to begin?

Daily practices come in all different forms. Be willing to explore the possibilities.

Some of my daily practices include:

  • Setting a daily intention
  • Completing one action towards my goals (no matter how small the action may be reading every day
  • Cooking a meal for myself
  • Spending time alone
  • Connecting with my breath (meditation)
  • The art of detachment

I would love to hear what daily practices work for you.


– Teri

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