How to Win The War for Your Freedom



“Freedom is what we do with what is done to us.” ― Jean-Paul Sartre

 Everything’s internal. At least that’s what I’ve convinced myself.

Your life. Your current circumstances. The situation you’re in. The people you see and the world around you.

It all comes as a direct result of your inner position. The role you play within yourself has a lot to do with the reality you experience.

Inner Positions

Inner positions, are the mindsets or perceptions for how you view and interact with the world.

Do you have a lot of negativity and pessimism for the world or do you try to think positively through the bad and keep a sense of optimism?

Are you confident and courageous, or afraid and non-confrontational?

Most of us have a rough time trying to change the things that keep us down . It’s like we’re trapped within ourselves, only reacting to the events placed before us.

I’ve found three significant positions that take place. One is controlled by you, one is controlled by your ego, and the third is where you merge them together.  Here’s how to win the war:

Your Role

  • Escape

You’re stuck behind enemy lines. Beneath the layers of unconscious egoism lies your true self. The you that is connected to the universal consciousness and yearns to rise up and become apart of your conscious existence as you know it.

When you connect with your true self, you are able to perceive, feel, and think of things in a different way. When you change your thoughts, you see the world in a little different way. The picture you see with your eyes, (which is an illusion anyway) may stay the same, but the way you see it changes based on what’s inside of you.

  • Explore the world within

There is an entire Universe within us. We don’t always see it because we use our minds and believe what we can see and understand. It’s a world that has unlimited potential and one that can help guide you, lead you towards fulfillment, and help you find the purpose and meaning that all of us long for. You just need to go inside and listen.

  • Become the Creator

Not to become a God, but to become the creator of your own life. True freedom doesn’t come from a book of laws. It isn’t something that can be given to you. True freedom is something each of us have the ability to find within ourselves and use to make our own conscious decisions.

Create your life around the freedom that lives inside of you. There are discoveries in this inner existence that will help liberate you in ways that the material world outside of you cannot even grasp.

The Battle at Ego Ridge

Once you find your inner self, you still have a great battle ahead. The path you’ve been used to is laced with a multitude of addictions that’s been molded into your existence.

If you want to break free, you’ll need to fight for it. To establish a new reign for your freedom, you’ll need to develop a habit of finding your true self and continue to feed it and let it grow.

The more it grows, the better chance it has of putting up a worthy challenge for conquering your false identity that parades around the front of your mind on a daily basis.

Conquering with a Lionhearted Attack

You’ve made a habit out of trying to connect with your true self and you aren’t sure you’ve made any progress. What do you do?

Maybe you feel like you’ve finally found something inside that wants to ignite and show you what it means to be truly free, but you just can’t seem to buy into it?

Listen, there will always be doubts, just like everything we do in life. What there isn’t always a lot of is courage to do whatever it takes to change the things we want to most in our life.

Something as profound as winning the war for your freedom by discovering your true self and unleashing it into the outer world is going to take a huge amount of courage.

It’s going to take the courage, strength, and heart of a lion to take down the barriers that have blinded you you’re entire life and see past them.

Ascent towards Freedom

Having the tools and knowledge is one thing. Believing in them and putting them into a strategy of action is what separates the doers and those who keep wondering why their life is the way it is.

I’ve spent years and years hoping, wishing, and praying for change in my life. I read dozens and dozens of books and articles. I’ve connected with and followed thousands of people who were walking their own path towards the freedom they sought in their life. But I never took action to do the same for myself.

I was a quiet observer and it wasn’t until I found the courage to start progressing in my own life through focused centered action, that I started to believe in myself and my abilities to go after the freedom I was seeking. From then until now, there has been ups and downs and a ton of trials and tribulations I’ve had to overcome, but I’ve kept moving forward. It has never been easy, but I’m proof that anyone has the ability within themselves to seek the freedom they desire.

If you are ready to stop imagining what your life would be like if you were able to have the freedom you wish you had, then it’s time to get off the bench and get to work.

Here’s a few other strategies I’m using on my path towards the freedom I envision;


Believing in yourself and your abilities has to be number one. You have to have the right mindset and confidence in your abilities to make great changes in your life. It’s already within you, so go find it.


Call it desire, passion, purpose, drive, whatever. The life of freedom you see for yourself stems from your ability to keep moving forward no matter what. Use your desire as a catalyst and a means for growth and movement.


Not just any movement, but the heart-centered, focused, motivated, clear, action-packed movement that knows no end. The search for freedom is an on going movement of growth and progress that does not end when you reach the destination you previously set. Odds are the heights you set for yourself are nowhere near the potential you are capable of. Once you reach the sites you initially set, you will feel the need to reach higher and higher. Growth and potential know no boundaries and neither should your search for freedom.


Surrendering doesn’t mean giving up. At least not in this context. It just means to let go of things that you can’t control and let something deeper guide you. When you let go of the need to question yourself, think too much, worry, second guess, doubt, fear, etc., you can accept what comes at you with humbleness and grace. Trust in your inner self, higher consciousness, God, whatever you call it, to assist and guide you on your journey.

What about you? What strategies or struggles help or hinder you on your quest for the freedom you seek in life? I’d love to hear them. Please share in the comments or email me if you want.