Your Flaws Are Your Flavor

Your Flaws Are Your Flavor by Kristin Craft #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Flaws

Your Flaws Are Your Flavor by Kristin Craft #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Flaws

So many times, while along the personal development and spiritual journeys, people are on a mission to “fix” everything about themselves.

This typically stems from a need to be “perfect”, because who they are currently isn’t good enough, or so they believe. When you think about it, this need to fix implies something is broken, and the more one looks for things to “fix”, the more stuff they will find and the more “broken” they may feel. At a certain point, there comes a time when a person must accept themselves for who they are, how ever they are. Because, when it comes down to the truth, your “flaws” are the unique qualities that make you, YOU.

There’s a Mate for Everything:

For every plug, there’s a socket; for every lock, there’s a key. Point is, there is a mate for everything in this world. The quality you find “bad” or “wrong” about yourself could very well be the quirk that attracts someone who loves you for that quality! Your biggest “flaw” could be the thing they love or understand most about you. You just never know until you share it, but judging it and not accepting this characteristic about yourself will surely block the chance of you ever finding out.

The feeling of someone accepting your “flaws” without judgment and with love is priceless. The resistance you once felt towards yourself for being a certain way melts away and you feel free to move forward just being your authentic self.

Your Flaws Are Your Unique Essence:

We all come here in this life to learn, grow, and evolve from who we once were. We came here to learn important life lessons and we truly need these “flaws” in order to see life in the particular way we do. Without the unique perspective created by our flaws, the framework needed to learn the lesson cannot exist. Everything we are and everything we are not is for a reason, and it is all here to help us see ourselves in this new light.

It’s like picking a character on a video game; certain qualities and “flaws” are perfectly suited for the mission at hand. Sometimes we criticize our flaw because we’re unclear of how it fits into the bigger picture; we don’t quite see its value and how it can be useful in our lives. But once we do, we’re able to treasure the uniqueness about ourselves and use our “flaws” to our advantage.

Your Flaws Are Useful:

Your flaws sometimes act as a filter to repel people away who do not serve your Highest Good. They may also help us see who in our lives doesn’t serve our Highest Good so we can choose to let them go. For instance, if someone ever makes you feel bad about the way you are, if they make you feel like there’s something “wrong” with you, chances are it’s a signal to forgive them for their inability to accept you as you are, and then let them go. Whatever “flaw” you bring to the table might be the unique quality that drives one person nuts out of resistance and another person nuts out of attraction.

Think of your flaws like a combination for a lock. When you find another person that aligns with your “flaws”, because they have a complimentary quality or qualities, access is granted, so to speak. There’s a fantastic synergistic effect when both of you are “unlocked” and the energy is flowing.

Your Flaws Are Your Flavor:

Have you ever seen or met a quirky person that cracked you up with their flaws? I know you have; look at your favorite comedian. Many of them are able to make an entire career out of laughing at their flaws and sharing that humor with others. Look at Kevin Hart for example. He’s so aware of and cool with his “flaws” that he’s the first person to make a joke about them, and his fans love him for that! No one can really judge or criticize him because he’s so accepting of himself and will turn any comment into a laughing matter.

We’re all drawn to people who are comfortable in their own skin and we secretly wish to be that comfortable with ourselves. That’s a sign right there that we really just wish for our own acceptance of our “flaws” and desire to instead see them as our unique flavor that adds interest and variety to our lives.

One Trick to Accepting Your Flaws:

Think about your best friend for a moment, or maybe your spouse, partner, child, sibling or someone you really admire. What “flaws” do they have? If you know them well enough, you know what they’re working with under their hood. You know what they struggle with, what always trips them up, and the continual patterns they find themselves in. The difference is, you accept them for ALL that they are and have compassion for their “quirks”. You don’t dislike them because of some “flaw” they have; you just know that’s how they are! That’s how we can all look at ourselves, through the eyes of an honest, objective admirer.

Accepting Your Flaws is Freedom:

Imagine life without worrying about the things you find “wrong” about yourself. Imagine what it feels like to say, “Yeah, I’m this way and it gives me my unique perspective on life!” How liberating does that feel? Start practicing that anytime you begin to criticize yourself, and little by little, your perspective of that “flaw” will shift from non-acceptance to total acceptance, one of the most freeing feelings in life. The beauty about accepting your flaws is that you then allow others to accept their flaws as their flavor.

If you enjoyed seeing this new perspective of yourself, I encourage you to reach out to me for further healing and enlightenment. Together we can discover the truth of who you are and learn to love every bit of you.

– Kristin

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