Your Inner Sage Already Holds the Answers

Your Inner Sage Already Holds the Answers by Alicia Rodriguez #InnerSage #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse

Your Inner Sage Already Holds the Answers by Alicia Rodriguez #InnerSage #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse

Life is constant change. Everything is moving all the time whether we are aware of this or not.  We see this in Nature, and if we pay attention, we notice this in our lives.

In the face of change, we still hold on to the past, to what we think is safe, to what we believe that we know.  We hold on to what has seemed true to us.  That tether keeps you from being all that you are capable of being.  It anchors you to an idea of what you should be in order to be successful by external standards. You use the external point of reference of who you should be because, frankly, you don’t know who you really are at this moment in time.  You feel disoriented and uncomfortable. You have lost your familiar ground.

If you feel an “inkling,” a subtle feeling that there’s something amiss, but you don’t know what it is, pay close attention. That is the wisest part of you speaking.  It may come as a whisper, but if left unattended it will wreak havoc in your life.

This inner sage has the answers to the questions your mind doesn’t even know to ask.

There is transformation happening, and it may not conform to what you’ve been told you should be or do. The outer world will present you evidence to the contrary.  It will speak to you of what may happen if you dare to listen; if you dare act out of love instead of out of fear.

You see, that inner sage knows nothing of fear from the external world. It is a source that is far beyond the level of consciousness where we operate.

The inner sage only knows limitlessness.

It knows creativity, inspiration, passion, desire – and love.  It does not concern itself with the petty ruminations of the ego mind. It knows that there is more than the ego’s attachment to affirmation from the external world.  The inner sage knows itself as more than the ego mind allows.

We talk a lot about authenticity but it’s much more difficult than it appears. True authenticity isn’t only about committing to aligning with your essential nature. It’s far more than that. Real authenticity requires extreme courage to make choices that fly in the face of evidence and what we call reality.

It doesn’t play nice.  It plays true.

The poets, the musicians, and the artists know the inner sage well. Their inspiration comes from a deep well of grace. For writers, you know how it feels to stare at a blank piece of paper (or computer screen) and fret about whether or not your writing will be read.  Still, you write, taking dictation from the inner sage who speaks the truth of the moment unabashedly.

The musician hears the notes inside herself before they are ever played on an instrument. The artist looks at a blank canvas, a block of marble or a lump of clay and sees into the creation that is about to be born and courageously calls forth a loud yes to its manifestation.  She has seen what could only be seen with the eye of the soul.

Redefine success as being fully authentic, passionately in love with your life and work, fully expressing the inner sage from a place of Self Love and therefore love for others.  There is no requirement for acceptance because once you are fully present to your life the frequency of your being brings forth the work and people who need and value you and your expression.

This is the ultimate act of rebellion – to be fully yourself in a world that wants to make you someone you’re not.

– Alicia Rodriguez