Your Intuition: The Guide to Your Soul

Your Intuition The Guide to Your Soul by Lynda Watson #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Intuition

What is intuition? For me, it is a draw towards synchronicity and balance in you and in the universe.

Most have heard the saying: “everything you need is already inside.” Did you know that was written by a gentleman named Bill Bowerman? An American track and field coach and eventually the co-founder of Nike, Inc. Not a spiritual guru. A track and field coach that knew deep down everything his athletes needed were within them.

What did he mean by that? Was it drive/passion/answers/courage/knowledge?

Dan Millman was quoted as saying: “Everything you’ll ever need to know is within you. The secrets of the universe are imprinted on the cells of your body.” Who is Dan Millman? Well, we now know him as the author of ‘The Peaceful Warrior’ but did you know he was a former world champion athlete, university coach, martial arts instructor, and college professor? Seems he knew about the special something inside of us as well.

Knowing about intuition doesn’t come from the field of the spiritual, it comes from everywhere.

Your intuition has the answers. Are you listening and are you willing to act upon those answers?

If we look at the dictionary definition of intuition we find: the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning OR a natural ability or power that makes it possible to know something without any proof or evidence: a feeling that guides a person to act a certain way without fully understanding why (Meriam Webster).

Many say it is a knowing without knowing.

What is this knowing? Is it ability? Are we born with it?

Do we all have it?

Can it guide each of us?

I am not here to tell you a plan or process. In fact, I think you have the best plan/process for YOU within YOU. Stop trying to follow someone else’s. I would like to posit a few questions (ok perhaps more than a few) that might just nudge you to follow your intuition more. We all have that knowing without knowing called intuition. Many just don’t listen to it. They don’t treat it as the wise and honest elder that it is. It knows. It really does. So:

How do you access it? How do you listen to it? What do you ask it?

Let’s take a moment and look into the animal world to help give some insight into intuition and body awareness. As well as perhaps some intuitive wisdom. Animals survive through intuition every day all the time. What to eat, where to go, how to react. It’s what keeps them safe.

I work in the field of personal development with some very unique partners; Horses. One of the mane (pun intended) characteristics a horse will assist us in enhancing is our ‘intuition’. How? They live by intuition. If they sense danger they don’t stop to have a conversation over it, google the research that has been done on that threat that is imposing upon them and then take a vote. No, that act on their instinct… their intuition and they act immediately. And that is what keeps them safe. They have a strong body knowing and awareness of themselves and others in their environment.

When we enter their environment they react to us and that is how we learn to be aware of our body and then follow our intuition. They are beautiful mirrors and mentors to teach us many things and intuition is a big one. They role model it for us. As do many animals. As does nature. Look at plants that have flowers that close at night or leaves that close when you touch them. They haven’t been taught it, they just have a knowing without knowing. Nature is the best model to learn intuition from.

How does one stop filtering/thinking/judging so they can ‘feel’ ‘hear’ their intuition? What holds you back from living by your intuition? What are the obstacles within you? What would your life look like if you fully and consistently followed your intuition?

I started something a number of years ago called an Intuition day. If intuition is something that is new to you or something you would like to bring into your life more then starting slowing might be a good idea. I would take and afternoon where I had time to be alone and I would head out for a drive. From there I would let intuition take over. Where to turn, where to stop, what little shops to go into and have a look around. Well, it turned out I would find the neatest treasures, meet some awesome people and encounter some very synchronistic moments. I would never question an intuitive ‘hunch’.

I started looking forward to my intuitive days and then started doing it with friends. I recall on ‘Intuition Day’ spent in England with two friends. We just hopped in the car and trusted where the day would take us. If one person had the intuition to turn a certain way or stop somewhere, we did! And oh, what a day it was. We spent time at several ancient stone circles that had deep energetic effects on all of us and ended the day on the ocean watching the sunset eating fish and chips. Couldn’t get better than that ‘if we planned it’. Right? Intuition will always lead you down an unknown yet super exciting path. But it takes courage. And best to do it; one step at a time.

What might happen if I based every decision I made on my intuitive answers?

No second guessing… No what if’s.

Where do you feel/hear intuition within you?

Can you let go enough of the expected outcome and control and allow intuition to be your guide?

It has the answers you need not necessarily what your ego wants. Are you prepared for that?

Intuition is following your own code, not someone else’s. When we give over to intuition in our life we give up the need to rely on others for answers. How often have you gone to someone for advice or an answer when deep down you knew the answer all along? Often we just want that answer to be verified. We just want someone to agree with us. Justify our intuition when really we just need to trust in it completely.

How often do we ask other’s; what should I do? When deep down we know what to do?

Your intuition has the answers. Will you listen?

Or will you drown it out with what if’s, should, cant’s, not now’s, laters, and no’s?

The other morning, I woke up and instinctively knew not to go to work that day. I wasn’t feeling 100% and I listened to my body/my intuition. Did I take my temperature? Did I look in the mirror, stick out my tongue and say AHHH! No, I lay there asked my body and then listened. I said, OK as I so often do. I stayed in bed, got out my computer and got more work done than usual because it was quiet and I felt much better the next day. I know if I had pushed myself that day I would have definitely called in sick the next day. I have honoured this part of my intuition for years now and have not had a full blown cold or the flu in over 5 years. (touch wood)

Now, I follow my intuition without question.

Will you trust those answers when you ask? Since they are within you, will you trust yourself?

What better person to trust? Why do you trust others more than yourself?

Imagine if you did listen. What is holding you back?

I could tell you the many wonderful things in my life that intuition has led me to. Ok, well just a few:
  • Intuition pushed me to publish an online magazine that has seen worldwide leadership.
  • Intuition has nudged me to get out my backpack, buy a plane ticket and take 2 weeks alone in another county just traveling without an agenda. That one took a lot of trust, courage, and faith. But, Wow, what a trip! I have since done it again and again. I know some of you might be saying, I could never do that or I wish I could do that…guess what you can…if your intuition asks you to.
  • Intuition has whispered in my ear to go back to school, start my own business and do so much more.

When we don’t listen, we continue ignoring it and that voice keeps whispering, that intuition keeps nudging until it becomes a loud push.

That IS intuition. That IS YOU!

Why aren’t you listening to YOU?

Who knows you better than YOU?

When you have a decision to make, do you follow your gut? Or do you weigh every single option, read all of the research available, consult everyone you know and then make the decision. Is it really your decision then or a bunch of other people’s? What if you just went on your first thought, your first gut feeling, your intuition. Remember those horses that react on their instinct to be safe. What if that is us, humans? What if when we trusted and listened to our intuition we led safer and more fulfilling lives?

Is intuition and listening to one’s body one and the same? I believe so, it is a knowing without knowing.

How do I know something is intuition? It is that first voice when I ask a question. It knows so it answers first. Where do you feel it? Or hear it? We are all different. Get to know you and your inner knowing. Trust me that wise elder within you is there. Your guide to your soul’s path is within you. Your own personal development guru is inside of you.

Can you follow your intuition? I believe you can!

Happy intuiting! Try it! Trust it! Intuition will guide you if you let it.

“Everything you’ll ever need to know is within you. The secrets of the universe are imprinted on the cells of your body.”

And now my intuition tells me that this blog is finished.

– Lynda ♥


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