Your Majestic Build in 2016

Your Majestic Build in 2016 By Jennifer Maki #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #JenniferMaki #Majestic #MajesticBuild #2016


I stood gazing up, up, up at St. Mark’s Basilica in the famous Venetian square by his name’s sake. I was dizzied by the design, the massive nature of this timeless treasure.

What moved me more was the desire and dedication represented in its two-hundred-year build (nearly 800 in its beautification), seeing to the passing-on of nearly four generations before its structure was complete. And again even more so, I was moved by the why behind the years of toiling – an unwavering vision to erect a symbol of the love they felt for the God who wooed and awed them.

This was not just designed for longevity, although clearly that was a bi-product of their workmanship, even before the age of modern-day equipment and technology to support. Every last detail of this church was to evoke a stirring, an undeniable reverence regardless of religion.

Now, I realize that likely it was the hope of many that this dedication would ensure a pathway to heaven for those who hammered and knelt here, but I chose and choose to see the grander, spiritual and inclusive mission, and long for the romanticism of it to reign supreme.

So pessimism aside, I was brought to divine tears.

My relationship with God has always been one of BFF rather than looming fear of the Almighty, and so this was a personal quest, to see how people had felt about Her centuries ago and to sit in simple observation of all He had conjured from the heart of my ancestral brothers and sisters. And see I did indeed, not just with eyes, but with the insight weaved of spirit and a collective understanding of expansive, limitless love.

I could not help but be moved by, well, the details. Always and throughout Europe, it is in the details.

With no regard for viewing time as pressing, and a passionate commitment to each and every task at hand, the people of Europe seem innately intent on honoring all they create, do and share with the frill that stills the heart and makes us all want to bask a little longer in the creative callings of our soul.

The frill of St. Mark’s Church is, the mosaics, the sublime array of brilliant colors and majestic hues, that contain within them the secret to all of our human hopes, and the answer to all of our prayers, if only we have eyes to see the distance and the heart to hear the message.

Our tour guide talked of why each mosaic glinted in the light so. He told us that, not only are they derived from glorious Venetian glass, each color evolving from a unique recipe and process but between each and every glass piece is placed a thin gold leaf. Yes, the passionate hands of hundreds, thousands, took the time to lay, gently, intently, the glass, the gold, just so, to cover the 85,000 square feet (or 1.5 American Football fields) of this Chiesa d’Oro, Church of Gold.

So what is St. Mark’s to our life journey, particularly if you have not stood in awe before it all?

  • Oh that we would hold such reverence for love, for delighting one another, inspiring one another and demonstrating such through a commitment of time and spirit to tasks that still the world with awe and stir within others a desire to do the same.
  • These human beings knew meditation of the mind and focused attention with intention innately. These dedicated creators and followers spent hour after hour, year after year, content with a task that demonstrated the love they held for their God and their desire to be a part of something larger than themselves and beyond this world.
  • Like the dazzling mosaics of glass pieces and gold leaves, each and every one of us is purely magnificent in our own right. But together, oh together how we bring the world to tears with our beauty.

And so, how, in our time do we live a life of such magnificence and significance?

We connect, conjure, create, collaborate and commit.

Connect to the source, the wisdom, the hero within.

Conjure the desire, the passion, the enthusiasm necessary to …

Create a conscious mosaic of our life, weaving together what we are at our core with what the world needs for its renewal and expansion.

Collaborate with other dazzling game-changers, knowing that together we are more magnificent and our efforts exponentially impactful.

Commit to the Hero that we innately are, the Hero potential within ALL people and day-by-day, purposeful-task-by-purposeful-task, DO the work that calls to us, that the divine within us requires of us.

And one day very soon, you will wake and find you’re standing, looking up, up, up at the basilica of your life … astounded by the glitter, by the people all staring in awe, reverence, delight. And you will be moved to tears.

As you look to 2016, may you delight in how you will Connect, Conjure, Create, Collaborate, and Commit. And should you want to join us on the Mad Heroic journey, download your Free ebook, The Mad Hero’s Manifesto here. We would love to have the opportunity to #SuitUp with you.

In celebration of the majesty of your life,

Original source to article, With many thanks to Jennifer Maki