Your Miracle Is Unfolding

Your Miracle Is Unfolding by Reba Linker #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Miracle
 Your Miracle Is Unfolding by Reba Linker #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Miracle
Imagine the excitement of watching a miracle unfolding, right in front of your eyes.

It’s wonderful to experience that magic – like the heart-opening glory of seeing a flower unfurl its petals in high-speed video.

Yet, what if we are working towards a miracle in our own lives – a new endeavor, a new relationship, a joyful new way of being – and we work and work and come to a plateau where we don’t see that magical result we are hoping for?

This is such a CRUCIAL MOMENT! This is the dividing line, the make-it-or-break-it time when so many dreams are abandoned, needlessly and mistakenly, for simple lack of external evidence of success.

Know this, the miracle you are working towards IS happening, even if you don’t see it yet.

The flower is still tightly curled in bud form, but the energy inside is building to help it finally burst forth in all its beauty.

Creating our best lives takes energy, application, and practice. The trick is, we don’t always see the immediate fruits of our labor, and that is why so many people give up far too early.

In learning a skill like archery, we wouldn’t always hit the bull’s eye, especially at first. Perhaps our arrows fly off to one side, or even fall short of the target. Yet, if we practice, gradually we will see our arrows hit the mark more often.

In creating our dreams, quite often we quit too soon and we never know how close we might have been to our desired goal. We might be just a hair’s breadth away from our desired “bullseye!”

Did you know that a jet plane takes 10 times more fuel to achieve lift off than it does for that same plane to cruise at altitude? Promoter Kyle Wilson describes a lesson he learned from Brian Tracy: the concept of “getting the plane off the ground”: “He said in his experience that the majority of people in life, much like a plane on a runway, go at a speed that is fairly fast but never quite fast enough to actually lift off. And they repeat this their whole lives.”

When I created my dance studio I worked SO HARD the first 3 years. The momentum only really took over after that. By the time I met my husband, when I was at the 4-year mark, he called my studio “the mint” because it was like a printing press and we literally carried piles of cash to the bank every day! It’s all happening even faster now with my new endeavor, the online community AtoZ Healing Space. Yet, the dynamic still holds true. Creativity requires trust, faith, and inner vision, not just a reliance on outer metrics. We don’t always see our desired end results right away. Nonetheless, the love, intention, and direction we pour into the project cannot help but succeed!

We have to know how much energy it takes to get the plane off the ground! What a loss it would be to give up halfway down the runway, turn the plane around and go home in defeat. We must keep in mind all that it takes to achieve lift off – especially when we aren’t quite in the air yet. Keep applying the fuel to your endeavors and they will take flight.

We need a new paradigm of success that shifts our focus away from results alone, and instead celebrates intention, effort and process as the hallmarks of success. It is the self-loving thing to do.

It embodies a shift away from the masculine emphasis on quantifiable results, and towards the feminine model of focusing on process rather than outcome.

On a deep level, this love of all our efforts and all our results, partial and imperfect they may be by someone else’s standards, is the means of transforming our reality and moving it closer to that which we truly desire and envision.

Love your present moment. Don’t give up or give in to depression, defeat or sadness just because your desired outcome has not yet reached its fullest expression.

Trust that your every effort is cherished, seen, loved and appreciated, even if the results you desire are not quite there yet.

Enjoy the process. Find everything there is to love in the present moment.

By loving this moment, this NOW, you open the door to the next moment being an even and ever fuller expression of that love.


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