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Your Personal Design: What do you do when life happens?

Dear Human,

In your everyday living you often find that things don’t always make sense. You make plans, get excited about them, and even begin to implement them. You’re skating along on the promenade of possibility, peace and prosperity when BOOM, life happens, and with it, your plans get foiled. You find yourself dismayed that your ideas and actions have been thwarted so you blame it on something, anything, other than just accepting the laws of the nature of life; one of which is resistance.

And so the self-talk starts; the dialogue in your head about the meaning and results of the resistance you are encountering. And these very conversations with yourself are typically reduced to hopelessness, disappointment, and other forms of negativity. This dark energy begins to taint your perception of your personal power, leaving you feeling helpless in your situation. And again the nature of life escapes your understanding because you are entertaining the frustration instead of giving your attention to the possibilities. You forget to remember that you are an exceptional being designed by the brilliant universe in which you live. And in doing so you lose sight of the fact that you can manifest something profound by your response to every obstacle that is placed before you. Resistance exists for a reason my beloveds, but I assure you it is not to destroy you. Instead, it is to show you the amazing power you have to climb up and over Mt. Obstacle and discover Mt. Success. Nature is a masterful designer and you are a beautiful product of its intelligence. You have been personally designed to be the best you, which in effect co-creates with life to make humanity the best humanity possible. You may not understand the whys, most people don’t. Regardless, life’s intention is always to expand your goodness, your intelligence, and your emotional and intuitive centers. Life allow events to enter your realm of possibilities so that you might understand more profoundly what it means to be self-empowered.

So what do you do when life happens to you?

You give witness to and focus upon the basic laws of living as a rare and noble member of the human race. You remember that within your personal, magnificent and mysterious design, LIFE will use people, places and circumstances to expand your consciousness and help pave your path of abundant living.



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