Messages from the Light: Don\’t Give Up!

It doesn’t take much to take you off-center and for doubt to creep into your consciousness. When it appears as if nothing is working, do your best to simply observe what is going on rather than allowing it to take you down.  

Hold true to your vision of what you want regardless of external circumstances, for anything can change in an instant in the field of infinite possibilities. 

It is when you buy into what appears to be going on and allow it to shift your focus that you begin to attract more of what you do not want. It doesnt matter what is going on in your life right now, it is all temporary and it CAN and WILL change as long as you continue to believe. 

Belief is very powerful. If you believe things are not going well in your life and you continue to hold on to and focus on this thought, you will attract more circumstances that will reflect this. If, on the other hand, you simply observe what is happening right now and remind yourself that it is temporary and that you have the power within you to shift anything and everything and keep your attention and focus on what you want, you WILL attract this. 

Do not give up on yourself and your desires no matter how hopeless things may appear. 

Oftentimes, things may appear to be falling apart when all that is happening is a clearing of old energies making room for the new. 

Marisas Musings 

There have been many times in my life when things weren’t working out as I had hoped for or planned. During those times, I sometimes found myself falling into the trap of believing things were never going to work out the way I really wanted and that believing in possibilities was useless. It took a lot of conscious effort to stop myself from going down this path of negative thinking even though I knew deep in my heart that everything is possible. 

I know how important it is to manage my thoughts and yet, there are times when it’s easier to allow doubt to invade my mind than it is to shift my focus and attention on what I want. When I give in to doubt and slip into this negative space, I then have to be careful not to beat myself up when I become aware of what I’m doing.

I’m getting better and better at not getting stuck in this place for very long and rather than beating myself up, I congratulate myself for my increased awareness and for my willingness to let go and to trust that something even better than I had planned is on its way to me. And guess what? I’ve received many wonderful and unexpected surprises along the way. 

If things aren’t unfolding for you as you had hoped or planned for, I invite you to be compassionate with yourself, open the door to new beginnings and new possibilities, and then… 

Watch the Magic in Your Life Unfold! 

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