10 Ninja Mindset Moves to Transform Your Life

If you want to grow your business or improve your life, then there’s one thing you need to do before everything else; get your mind right.

Your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions, and reactions are what’s shaping, creating, and sometimes sabotaging your success. Let’s discipline our minds and step into our full ninja power as an entrepreneur. Because you have some world-changing to do! And you need to know the moves.

I know you’re a fan of The Law of Attraction and I know you’ve watched The Secret and devoured authors like Joe Dispenza and Esther Hicks. But what I want to know is, how’s your practice going?

How have you created the practice and discipline of thinking, believing, and behaving in the ways that will up-level your life and business?

I feel like this has been a teeter-totter for me. Sometimes my mind is in a dark place and the teeter-totter tips toward negativity, doubt, and fear. Some days I do pretty well in my positivity practice, and I’m tipped in the other direction. One day I realized that if I had a way to keep track of how often my mind was pulled toward positive, badass, good-feeling things, it would not have been a favorable number. Negativity was definitely heavier. And no matter how far back I scooched my ass and bounced up and down on the end of that teeter-totter, it wasn’t budging. There was a bully on the other end.

My default was worry and fear about life. My usual habitual pattern was to think about worst-case scenarios, about what would happen if, and generally fall into a pit of despair, hopelessness, fear, and self-doubt when it came to what was happening in my business and life.

Then a lightbulb went off. It wasn’t that I didn’t know how to do this mindset thing, it was that my overwhelmingly obvious pattern was to fall into fear. I had to re-train my brain to do the other thing. And I had to practice constantly. I had to create a life and business that was about that practice.

So, I started becoming a Ninja of High Vibe Awareness.

And I want you to be a ninja too. Be a warrior about the thoughts, beliefs, and responses you’re practicing. Get so good at the moves that it’s ingrained in your body-mind memory and those responses become who you are.

Being a ninja takes practice. The question now is, are you willing to do what it takes to become a master at this awareness and mindset game?

Here Are 10 Ninja Mindset Moves to Embrace and Practice Every Day:

Build a life and business on this foundation and success will automatically be a byproduct, be-cause what you’ll finally be tuned into is your inner being who knows exactly what you want and exactly what you need for the next best step in your business.

  1. Don’t believe everything you think

Your current thinking is based on a lifetime-worth of conditioning. The first step to becoming a ninja with your mindset is to be aware of your current thoughts and where they come from.

  1. Recognize self-sabotaging messages

As you become a master at watching your thinking, begin to recognize the habitual inner critic messages and write them down. Start to know what comes up again and again when you’re in doubt or fear.

  1. Start having a conversation with fear

Give your fear a name and when you hear those messages, stop, pause, take a breath, and then call it out. Start a conversation with it. “Hey Martha, I hear you, but I got this. Thank you for being there to protect me. I know you’re afraid, but I’m going to do this anyway.”

  1. Recognize the feeling that accompanies the thought

Fear is a physical, visceral feeling in your body. When you realize that and locate it, it will help you. Where is the fear showing up? How does it feel? Write that down.

  1. Don’t make fear mean anything

Don’t make the physical feelings mean anything. Don’t add baggage to your baggage. When you hear the message and feel that fear in your throat or chest or gut, slow down, breathe through it and clear your mind. Fear is just a feeling. Don’t add any thoughts about what that feeling means.

  1. Know your mission, your why, and your goals

Remind yourself of your mission. Re-ignite your passion for what you’re doing every single day. Move from the fear to the people you serve. Your fear of not being good enough is boring. This isn’t about you anymore. Think about the reason you’re here. Shift to that in your mind.

  1. Make a purpose-driven ninja move

Take action based on your passion, mission, goals, desires, vision, and legacy. Choose gratitude, love, joy, purpose, and hope. Speak from your heart-centered, intentional, intuitional, connected, purpose-driven, soul-centered place and do what aligns with that. Pay attention to that alignment on a daily basis.

  1. Make the above steps who you are and what you do every day

This is the discipline part. It’s a practice you must shape into a lifestyle. This is how you tip the teeter-totter.

  1. Create ways to remember the steps

We need ways to remember to practice, especially catching the habitual negativity and inner critic messages. Write sticky notes. Set phone reminders. Make appointments with your

friends. Write it down in your calendars. Use notebooks for journaling thoughts. Create social media posters with helpful quotes. And remind yourself every day.

  1. Find a community to practice with

This practice isn’t mastered alone. Ninjas run in packs. They train with each other. Go, find your fellow ninjas and join or create a community. Accountability and support are key when it comes to mastering your new mindset. You got this!

Which ninja mindset move resonated with you the most? Please share with us in the comments section below!

– Laura

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