10 Ways to Add A Little Fun Into Your Life

10 Ways to Add A Little Fun Into Your Life by Janette Stuart #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #LittleFun

As adults, we have so many responsibilities we must take care of during our busy days. I remember thinking when I was in my 20s that now that I’m an adult, I’d better start acting like one. I let school, work, family and running a household rule my days. I was a serious adult, did the right things and my inner child was dismissed. My inner child longed to run free through the trees, having fun, observing the beauty of nature and watching the clouds and stars. I had pushed aside my inner child, my inner wisdom, to lead a more serious adult life.

I had pushed aside purposeful fun for the sake of propriety when, in reality, having fun is wonderful self-care.

Having fun is not selfish. Having fun increases our level of joy and reduces the level of the stress hormone cortisol in our bodies. Making fun a self-care priority allows us to better tend to other priorities in our lives.

Fun need not be a costly venture. There are plenty of ideas for free or low-cost fun you can readily incorporate into your day.

Below are 10 ways to add a little fun into your life today:
  1. Drink your favorite beverage in a fun mug or glass.
  2. Enjoy a walk in nature.
  3. Place a blanket outside, lie down and enjoy the ever-changing sky.
  4. During inclement weather, you can have an indoor picnic without leaving your home.
  5. Meet a friend for a meal or an adventure which delights your heart.
  6. Try a new restaurant or type of food.
  7. Watch a movie or show you might enjoy.
  8. Create something. You can draw, paint, bake or write.
  9. Take an Epsom salts bath.
  10. Move your body.

Today, I make fun a priority. Even household chores can be fun if I play music I enjoy and decide to allow it to be fun instead of drudgery.

Last year, my word of the year was JOY. I incorporated lots of fun into my days and increased my level of joy. I even wrote books about joy; my most recent book “” Volume Two, came out last month. On Day 11, I write about giving ourselves permission to have fun.

That day’s passage is titled “Time for A Little Fun.”

Here’s to you, dear one. Allow yourself to have a few minutes of fun right now… what fun thing can you do that will delight your heart? Here’s to you and more purposeful fun in your future. I’m cheering you on with so much love.



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