3 Unconventional Tips to Client Satisfaction

3 Unconventional Tips to Client Satisfaction by Lisa Mininni #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ClientSatisfaction

3 Unconventional Tips to Client Satisfaction

If you perform a search on “customer satisfaction tips,” you\’ll see advice similar to:

  • Listen
  • Be Responsive
  • Get to Know Your Customers
  • Measure and Improve

That advice is good and also essential, but let\’s go a step further…

Consider, what client satisfaction processes would make your company\’s culture distinct?

There are 3 steps that have made a real difference for distinguishing my business mentoring company from others. As we expand our continuum of services to include a co-working and conference space, we are also consciously checking in to make sure they still provide value.

Below are 3 tips for client satisfaction:

  1. Make Random Calls

While we teach business owners the importance of automation and systematization, there is a balance. Integrating personalized calls are a warm welcome.

Each month, I randomly select a client to call. Whether I\’m leaving a message or catch them live, I ask them how they are doing. I leave myself open to hear whatever they want to share.

Since the calls are random, it also doesn\’t matter whether the person purchased a self-study training program, we\’re working with their company\’s leadership team, or they are a mentoring client. All clients are important.

While they are sometimes surprised by the call, they recognize and appreciate the outreach. For clients who purchased a self-study training program, they are usually shocked to get a call. Sadly, this tells me this process is not a common practice. And, at the end of the call, they almost always share that they feel touched in some way by the call.

While it\’s not always possible to get to every client, it makes a big difference for those you do reach.

  1. Provide an After Action Report

Unfortunately, what typically happens with training or mentoring is a trainer goes into an organization, does their training, and leaves the client to figure out how they are going to implement next steps.

When I train and mentor high-performance teams, we set up metrics to measure a return on their training investment. An After Action Report is also sent.

An After Action Report is a handy summary with identified next steps. One of the best practices we implement for our clients happens at the end of each training session. We ask each participant to identify what they will implement as a result of the training, identify a due date, and assign a responsible party for that action being implemented.

The After Action Report also serves as a follow up to those plans, helping each client to get the most return on their training investment.

  1. Let Go

One of the best ways you can help your client may be to let them go. Usually, you see the behaviors. They resist, don\’t implement, complain, blame you or everyone else for their situation, make excuses, and/or do not take full responsibility for their outcomes and commitments.

This is not to say don\’t hold them accountable for their promises or take a stand. However, you can release what is not yours.

It can take quite a bit of emotional labor to release them and be unattached. In some cases, the best thing for them and you is to let go.

When it comes to Client Satisfaction, many factors have influenced these steps. Know that these tips didn\’t come first. The steps are the product of aligning and standing for our Contribution in the World.

What\’s your Contribution to the World?

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– Lisa

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