30 Angel Affirmations for April 2022

Angel Affirmations with Janette Stuart

Welcome to April! April is traditionally a month when we focus on Easter, spring, time with family and friends on break, and delight in nature as she unfurls her beauty after the long winter season.

Your inner child is ready to play and frolic outdoors after being indoors for so long. Take advantage of the warming sunshine and the beauty everywhere.

Remember to treat yourself well, as we are all suffering from COVID fatigue, uncertainty, and unsettling and disturbing world events. Self-care is essential; it is not selfish. You raise your vibration and positively impact others by caring for yourself more, and it\’s a win-win. Your vibration increases when you feel better and sends ripples of goodness out into the world. Your self-care is, in essence, a public service.

What is an affirmation?

It is a short, powerful statement used to consciously affect your thoughts positively. We have an estimated 50,000 thoughts a day, and most of them are not pretty. Often, we are very critical of ourselves. We would never dream of talking to another person the way we “speak” to ourselves in our inner dialogue. I invite you to join me each day to recite these angel affirmations to bring more goodness, grace, and nourishment into our lives.

An affirmation only needs to feel about 50% true for it to resonate with you. Affirmations that begin with the words “I am” are incredibly powerful. Whatever follows the “I am” becomes your truth.

Be vigilant with the thoughts you think and say about yourself. You want to select empowering statements that improve the energy vibration of your life. For example, if you say, “I am tired. I am sick. I am broke. I am not worthy. I am stuck,” you are calling more of that low energy toward you. You can shift those thoughts with affirmations.

This month we\’ll focus on empowerment and self-care by nourishing your body, mind, and spirit with one affirmation for each day in April.

  1. Today, I let my inner child be silly and “foolish.”
  2. Today, I find time to explore the beauty in my world.
  3. Today, my self-talk is loving and kind.
  4. Today, I look for synchronicities and signs of love from above.
  5. I allow joy to guide my choices.
  6. Today, I connect with a friend or two who uplifts me.
  7. Today, I choose to shine my unique light in the world.
  8. I communicate easily, clearly, and lovingly.
  9. I allow myself the gift of a joyful heart and remember to take time to breathe.
  10. Today I enjoy something just for me, which delights my heart.
  11. I enjoy a slow and easy start to the week ahead.
  12. I am on the lookout for beauty several times during the day.
  13. Today, I remember I am doing the best I can. I give myself and others grace.
  14. I look for ways to express love and gratitude to myself and others.
  15. I open my heart just a little wider and receive divine love.
  16. Today, I notice possibilities and synchronicities.
  17. Today, I enjoy traditions and celebrate my faith.
  18. I remember to breathe during my busy day.
  19. Today, I choose peace and serenity.
  20. I am capable and exude my confidence effortlessly.
  21. Today, I am on the lookout for fun during my busy day.
  22. Today, I radiate love, joy, and peace.
  23. Today, I\’m on the lookout for goodness around every corner.
  24. I choose to honor the gift of my life.
  25. I make choices that increase my level of joy.
  26. I declutter to enhance my peace of mind.
  27. Today, I remember to ask for help if I begin to struggle.
  28. I am on the lookout for ways to cultivate joy. I am a delight to be around.
  29. I remember today is a great day to let go.
  30. Today, I am gentle with myself and others.

To help you keep self-care in the forefront this month, enjoy my free, gorgeous self-care rituals journal to bring more love, joy, and peace into your life. My gift to you as an opt-in to my love letters from the angels. Get yours.

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