31 Life Mastery Affirmations for August

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An affirmation is a statement or declaration that describes an intention to be, do, or have something. Affirmations have become quite common in the “new-thought” and “new-age” movements as mechanisms for encouraging positive thinking and personal empowerment. When used in conjunction with the Law of Attraction, affirmations are believed to increase the likelihood of manifesting in one’s reality and what one truly desires.

What Is an Effective Affirmation?

I have been personally using affirmations for many years and found them to be quite effective when used properly. Of course, “properly” is a subjective term, so let me explain what I mean. In order for an affirmation to be effective, it must meet three criteria:

  1. It must resonate personally on some level even if the content of the affirmation is not currently true, as something that you truly desire in your life.
  2. It must be constructed using only positive language, eliminating all references to anything that might be construed as negative.
  3. It must be written in the present tense, rather than future tense. The intention is to manifest something right now, not at some arbitrary time down the road.

The “Life Mastery Affirmation” Difference:

In my own practice with affirmations, I’ve found that one additional criterion really helps to amplify their power; starting each one with the words “I am.” I’ve learned that these two tiny words are actually the most powerful words in the universe, as they represent a declaration of who I am choosing to be in any given moment. If you can accept that you are indeed choosing who you are in any given moment, then it is only a small step to understand that you can make that choice 100% consciously and your “I Am” affirmation can then help you paint that picture clearly.

When affirmations are constructed to meet all four of these criteria, they vibrate with power and amplify the outcomes that you are trying to create. For this reason, I call them “Life Mastery Affirmations.”

Getting the Most Out of an Affirmation:

Affirmations get a bad rep from some as being ineffective. Poor affirmation construction can be attributed to some of this thinking , but the biggest reason affirmations don’t work is that people simply don’t create the time or space to really embrace them. It is important to find a safe and sacred space where you can recite the affirmation repeatedly without being disturbed or distracted.

I like to include affirmations as part of my meditation process. For a 25-minute meditation, I’ll spend the first ten minutes or so reciting my affirmation, then allow myself to go silent and just allow it to reverberate through my body. During the silent phase, I try to stay present with my breathing, and when thoughts rise up, I simply observe them and allow them to pass through me. At the end of my meditation, I spend a few minutes journaling my experience; paying particular attention to any resistance I may have with respect to the affirmation.

I find that meditation is significantly easier and deeper when I have some high-quality music to listen to as I’m meditating. If you are interested, you can find some excellent brainwave-entrainment meditation music on my website.

Here Are 31 Life Mastery Affirmations for August:

Shared below are life mastery affirmations that I have used in my own practice. They are all clearly re-usable; though you may recite these on specific days in August, you can always return to them any time you want to.

  1. I am whole and complete as I am and I recognize my own perfection as I continue to evolve and grow.
  2. I am self-confident and self-reliant, and I remain centered and grounded in every circumstance.
  3. I am a powerful, compassionate, and inspirational leader in my community.
  4. I am the embodiment of masculine and feminine energies and I love both of these qualities equally and unconditionally.
  5. I am always safe, serene, and secure; no matter what is happening around me.
  6. I am a conscious and loving participant in an abundant universe and I always have everything I imagine I need.
  7. I am flexible, adaptable, and open to new possibilities and opportunities.
  8. I am enlightened by loving that which my ego finds unlovable.
  9. I am grateful for my shadow parts, which shine when illuminated and reveal powerful treasures within.
  10. I am healthy in heart, body, mind, and spirit, and I direct my intentional energy towards things which support health and well-being for all.
  11. I am pleased and joyful in the simple knowing and experience of who I am.
  12. I am proud and excited to inspire; for as I inspire others, I inspire myself.
  13. I am humbled in the deep knowing that my purpose is just as important as the purpose of every other being in the universe.
  14. I am divinely blessed with an unending supply of love and trust; and these lead to health, contentment, and gratitude.
  15. I am a model of authentic respect, compassion, peace, and love.
  16. I am a unique being and the entire universe benefits from my perspective and my experience.
  17. I am grateful for every person, thing, circumstance, and event in my life; these are the ingredients that make my life so rich.
  18. I am a loving mirror, gently reflecting what I experience so that others may grow into the full expression of who they are.
  19. I am committed to moving my attention away from my inner drama toward the truth of who I really am.
  20. I am optimistic, appreciative, reverent and joyful in everything I think, say and do.
  21. I am naturally healthy and fit in every way, and my wellness is an inspirational model for others.
  22. I am a willing and active participant in fulfilling and nurturing relationships everywhere in my life.
  23. I am blessed with a special gift that is unlike that of anyone else in the world, and I share my gift generously.
  24. I am pleased and honored to let my inner light shine through, even when it triggers discomfort in others.
  25. I am a powerful being and I demonstrate and share my authentic power by staying connected to my vulnerability.
  26. I am a limitless wellspring of creativity and I welcome new ideas into my consciousness for they contribute to my self-expression.
  27. I am faithful, reliable, honest and trustworthy with everyone.
  28. I am a vessel of unconditional love and compassion and I release my judgments and stories into the flow of forgiveness and acceptance.
  29. I am worthy of everything I desire and I celebrate enthusiastically when I ask for what I want.
  30. I am serene and accepting and I recognize the beauty that is inherent in everything.
  31. I am blessed with clarity, passion, and exuberance that informs all of my choices and all of my actions.
  32. (BONUS!) I am beginningless and endless Spirit, flowing constantly toward wholeness.

Closing Blessing:

May these affirmations touch your heart, ease your mind and may you experience joy and peace as you express and experience the fullness of who you really are.

– David

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