5 Steps to Using Dreams as A Portal to Intuition

5 Steps to Using Dreams as A Portal to Intuition by Carolyn McGee #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Intuition

5 Steps to Using Dreams as A Portal to Intuition by Carolyn McGee #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Intuition

Our intuition is our body’s resonance with the universal messages that surround us.

We are flooded with millions of bits of data every day. The divine is always speaking to us and it can be overwhelming to decipher. How do you start to filter, recognize and trust all this information? Dreams are one of the easiest ways to begin understanding, validating and trusting your intuitive guidance.

Dreams are a low resistance way to receive information.

Everyone dreams. Some don’t remember what our dreams told us. Dreams may be more than just a visual stimulus. You may wake up with a song lyric ringing in your mind.  This is an invitation to look up the words to the song to receive the message. You may have a strong feeling of peace or caution that can guide you to the answer you are searching for, or you may wake up just knowing what your next best step is. All of this is possible, even if you don’t remember the details of your dream. Celebrate each moment of clarity and ask for more.

When we are asking for intuitive guidance in our dreams, don’t look to traditional dream analysis for the answers.

Start to use your own intuitive vocabulary to understand what the personal message is. The more we recognize the connections between the messages and what they mean for us personally, the faster the guidance will flow to us!

When I consciously started down my spiritual path, I was having a hard time remembering my dreams. I woke up feeling anxious or with a feeling that there was information just beyond my reach. I was frustrated that messages that seemed so real moments ago faded away as I woke up. I knew I had received guidance when I was sleeping but somehow, I could not access it when awake.

As part of my daily practice, I began a 5-step process to help me deliberately request intuitive guidance while I slept and remember it when I woke up. These 5 steps helped me start re-connecting to my dreams so I could remember and understand the messages.

Here are 5 Steps for Using Your Dreams as A Portal to Intuition:

  1. Sleep Deeply:

Although we typically dream 4-6 times per night, our dreams are most vivid during the deep or REM sleep stage.  To make it easier to reach this state of deep sleep it helped me to be aware of my overall health and sleeping patterns. I noticed when I ate foods that didn’t support me, didn’t drink enough water, exercised too late, had that extra glass of wine or stayed up too late that it was more difficult to remember my dreams. It is hard to get into a deep sleep when we are overtired or physically drained.  So, look at your sleep disruptors and know that you will receive clearer messages and remember them more when you get restful sleep.

  1. Intend to Remember:

Before you go to sleep, specifically state the intention that you will remember your dreams and messages when you wake up.  You can say this as a request or as a command. Whichever works best for your energy is fine but make sure that you are very deliberate that you will remember your dreams in the morning.

  1. Ask:

Start by asking a clear question that you would like an answer to in your dreams. I started with small requests to minimize any resistance.  I would ask “What is optimum for me to wear tomorrow?”  I woke up with images of outfits in my closet (and occasionally items that I needed to buy that I normally wouldn’t have but were perfect for me).  When I asked what do I work on first?  I would wake up knowing the priority to get the most done in my day.  I then moved on to bigger questions and more detailed guidance in my dreams.

  1. Dream Journal.

Keep a notebook by the side of your bed so as soon as you wake up, whether it’s in the middle of the night or in the morning, you can write down a few notes. It doesn’t need a lot of details, just enough for you to remember the meaning of the dream. Write down what feels important.   You will learn by practicing what is relevant and what is filler.

  1. Look for Patterns:

Periodically review your dream journal to find recurring messages or patterns. Look to see if there are missing pieces to the puzzle, then you can ask for more details the next time you sleep!

How do you use your dreams to access your intuition and get guidance? Do you have any tips about remembering messages in your dreams? Please share them with us in the comments below!

– Carolyn

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