5 Tips for A More Profitable and Sustainable Business

5 Tips for A More Profitable and Sustainable Business by Maggie Sarfo #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Sustainable
5 Tips for A More Profitable and Sustainable Business by Maggie Sarfo #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Sustainable
It’s a very exciting time for businesses, and I wanted to share a top secret with you so you can achieve a sustainable business too!

If you’re are a business growth leader or own your own business, you may agree with me that we are constantly and critically looking at our successes (including sales targets). We can then put some results focused activities in place for holistic quick wins to close out business on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

Here comes the secret!

In 2010, I came up with a system that does this so well. This is what helped me increase a client spend by 350% in the space of 12 months (from £35k to £125K to be precise).

Okay, this may sound like an exceptional client but I’ve tried it with my current clients with varying degrees of success. It has helped them increase sales revenues in their own businesses, yielding an average of 20-30% year on year growth.

So, by popular request, I am sharing some secrets, and a one-time opportunity to increase your sales revenue, and achieve those business and personal goals you’ve set this year.

5 Tips for a More Profitable and Sustainable Business:

  1. Do a review and get objective feedback on your sales strategy and processes.
  2. Understand your current competitive edge and put activities in place to maximise this.
  3. Review your monthly, quarterly, yearly forecast. Find the gap and put activities in place to bridge this gap or over-achieve targets.
  4. BONUS #1: It’s partly a mindset and peak performance game. Do you have a qualified accountability partner? If not, find one. They should be able to support you mentally, physically and emotionally for consistent results-focused delivery.
  5. BONUS #2: Strategic Alliances: Do you have any? Are they making or losing you money?

There are exclusive 1-2-1 programmes geared at supporting sales growth leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals who want to over-achieve their sales targets. If in doubt on any of the above points, my recommendation will be to find a business coach or mentor that focuses on outcomes and results so they can support you based on your business and/or personal needs.

– Maggie

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