Recently, Shari and I were fortunate enough to have Vanessa Halloum ask us to be included in her MasterClass series. \’Absolutely!\’ I said. I am very grateful to have been included in Vanessa\’s summit as a Breakthrough Mentor.

It is a massive amount of work to organize, promote and get all of the backend tech stuff launched with precision, of which I have so much respect for, how could I not honor her with a \’Hell ya, we\’re in!\’

If you are asked to partake in a summit, and should you choose to participate, here are some basic tips:

1. Add value and don\’t shameless self-promote – until it\’s time. Your host invited you to talk about what your expertise is. You are there to educate and inspire. A great host will always allow time for your shout outs. Don\’t excessively name drop throughout the interview unless led by your host. Don\’t spell out links in the middle of your interview, unless led by your host.

2. Be gracious and professional. Go into your interview as if it were nationally syndicated on a major network. Be on top of your game, alert, and ready to have a positive conversation. Don\’t be late. Don\’t have background noise. If on camera, be aware of your surroundings, what is in camera shot and have good lighting. Let everyone in the house know you are going into an interview. The audience doesn\’t need to see your husband or wife crossing the background in their underwear!

3. Talk about what you know. Speak from your truth. Speak professionally, in words everyone understands. Allow your heart to steer the knowledge you share allowing the authentic you to come through. This exemplifies leadership and conviction in what you do and positions you as a trusted resource.

4. Expand your network. Of course, these summits are meant for the host to gain exposure, influence, and potentially sell a product. But you too are given a great opportunity to network and gain influence for yourself. If you are a \’big ol\’ somebody\’ who was invited to speak or be interviewed, the other experts are \’big ol\’ somebodies\’ too.  Grow your network through connecting with the other experts. Tagging them in social shares is a nice gift of giving them influence.

5. Promote it. Tweet, Facebook, post on LinkedIn email blast it to the moon, call your mom and let her hear it! Get the word out across social media, your newsletter, anywhere and everywhere. This is not an event where you just show up to do the interview and leave it to the host. The success of the event takes a collective effort. Your support is vital for the success of the organizer, event and it creates good karma.

Taking these five tips into consideration is a wonderful way of honoring your host/organizer, as well as honoring yourself.

A great, organized, respected host like Vanessa, made it easy for us to have a stellar interview. Shari and I were very happy with it. I invite you to listen to it here.

You will laugh, be inspired and learn more about The Wellness Universe.

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