7 Healthy Gifts to Ask for This Holiday Season

7 Healthy Gifts to Ask for This Holiday Season by Angela Cummings #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #HealthyGifts

Healthy gifts benefit you and your loved ones all year long. They’re useful and can lead to good air for breathing, good food for eating and good products soaking into our skin.

How do you know if your products are truly healthy, versus just being marketed as healthy? How do you know which healthy gifts to give and receive this holiday?

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What Are Healthy Gifts?

At their best, healthy gifts are good for the body (physical), mind (mental), and soul (spiritual).

When our bodies become unburdened from chemicals and related illnesses, we have more energy, think more clearly and feel happier. It’s like a film is lifted.

Our soul can shine brighter and our connection to Spirit (God, Buddha, or whomever you believe in), becomes clearer and stronger.

Life becomes joyful. So appropriate for this time of advent; I can’t contain the joy!

Studies show that chemicals in our everyday products cause many health conditions; over 140 illnesses. Some doctors have stated that these chemicals cause nearly every health condition; especially since genetics only account for 5-10% of illnesses.

This means buying and asking for organic and chemical-free gifts, can significantly impact health.

And the holidays are the perfect time to do it!

Why Are the Holidays Ideal for Getting Healthy Gifts?

  • Stay True to Your Healthy Self

During the holidays, it’s easy to fall into unhealthy eating and buying habits. Scoring hot deals, receiving gifts from others and eating processed, party food are all hallmarks of the holidays.

However, staying healthy and true to yourself, (if you’re already living a healthy, non-toxic lifestyle), is the number one goal. Stay in alignment with your true self and ask for gifts that are healthy for you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

  • Take One Strategic Step Towards Fully Organic

Are you eating organic food but cooking in a Teflon-coated pan? Or storing your organic food in a plastic container?

Take the opportunity to go one step better. Change your cookware to healthier cookware that’s not leaching chemicals into your organic food. Eat healthier. Feel better.

  • Holidays are the Perfect Time to Ask for Things You Wouldn’t Normally Buy for Yourself

Holidays = splurge. Ask for something that you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself. Want to try wearing non-toxic clothing? Want a fluffy set of organic bath towels? Want to hang your favorite photo in a healthier picture frame?

Write it on your holiday gift list! Include links to the exact healthy item that you want. Make it easy for others to buy you healthy gifts.

How do you know which products are truly healthy versus toxic?

Here Are 7 Healthy Gifts to Ask for This Holiday Season:

  1. Membership for Stores that Carry Organic

National stores, such as Costco and Thrive Market, require an annual membership to buy their discounted, sometimes deeply discounted, products.

Ask for an annual membership to a store that carries certified organic food and products at a discounted price. Save money. Live healthier. Win-Win.

  1. GOTS Certified Clothing

Do you buy organic clothing but want to step it up a notch and try Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified clothing, which is 95%-100% free of harmful chemicals? Add a few pants and shirts to your holiday list! Check out PACT. They’re one of several stores carrying GOTS certified clothing.

P.S., even big-box stores are starting to carry GOTS-certified textiles; awesome!

  1. Non-toxic Cookware

It doesn’t make sense to buy organic food and cook with toxic cookware, so why not upgrade your pots and pans to non-toxic? One hundred percent ceramic, glass, iron, stainless steel are all healthier options for cookware.

Check out Xtrema®, CorningWare®, Lodge® Cast Iron, and KitchenAid® products.

  1. Organic Coffee and Mug

Treat yourself to an organic cup of coffee for a week by asking for a bag of organic coffee beans. Add to that an insulated ceramic coffee mug to keep it warm.

Organic coffee can be found at most grocery stores these days. Add a note on your holiday list instructing gift-givers to look for the USDA Organic certification seal.

For mugs, check out the new stainless steel-ceramic combo mug from Stanley®, or a Starbucks® ceramic-insulated mug. Add the link to your list to ensure you get the exact mug that you want.

  1. Healthier Paint

Updating your bedroom? Adding a fun color? Ask for healthier paint for the holidays. Then invite the gift-giver over to see your newly painted room!

Check out AFM Safecoat® paint, which offers paint and pigments that are non-toxic.

  1. A Special Meal

Ask for an organic home-cooked meal. A great way to receive time, love, and healthy food! Invent your own recipe (e.g., creative cooking night!), or ask for a specific dish to be made with all organic food.

  1. Manageable Education

Creating a fully organic, chemical-free household can be overwhelming. Ask for books or classes that make these changes manageable and allow you to take it one step at a time, starting with easy, simple, and strategic changes.

Your Next Steps

Ask for healthier gifts this holiday season, and have a little fun with your requests. Try new products that you’ve had your eye on or want to replace. Get the gifts you want while creating your healthy household!

Want more simple, strategic tips for creating your best organic, chemical-free household, and have fun doing it? Sign up for our newsletter now!

– Angela

(This article was originally published on December 21st, 2019)

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