7 Ways to Tap Into the Wisdom of Our Soul

7 Ways to Tap Into the Wisdom of Our Soul by Janette Stuart #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WisdomOfOurSoul

Our ego loves to complicate matters, overthink things, and tell us that we must work hard and suffer; that maybe if we are lucky enough, we might deserve joy. The beautiful truth is that our higher-self wants us to choose love, choose joy. These options are much higher vibrations. We can make foolproof decisions that will bring us joy. We don’t have to anguish over decision making. It can be easy. All we need to do is follow the joy. Our joy is unique for each of us.

If we listen to the wisdom of our soul, it points us in the right direction.

We are pure, Divine energy within a human form. We have the wisdom of the ages flowing through our veins. We possess ancient wisdom. Our soul knows the way. Our body is a wonderful predictor of a foolproof choice. If we feel sick in the pit of our stomach about our choice, that’s a big “NO.” If we feel joyful, lit up, free, delighted, that is our body’s way of saying “YES.”

When faced with a decision, make the one which will bring you the most joy.

How many times have we decided on something that, in our gut, we knew was not right for us and would not bring us joy? Probably far too many times to count. We could have made the wrong choice based on trying to please someone else, what conventional wisdom would dictate or a limiting belief which could be deeply ingrained within us.

Today, dear one, your invitation is to spend a few moments in solitude and connect to that small voice of inner wisdom, that “gut feeling”, your intuition, that voice of the Divine that has been eager to be heard.

Here are a few ways to tap into the inner wisdom of your soul. This practice doesn’t have to be anything fancy or elaborate or of long duration.
  1. Connect with a silent prayer from the privacy of the empty break room or restroom at work.
  2. Connect while taking a walk in nature.
  3. Connect while bowing your head during the train ride home.
  4. Spend a few minutes alone in the car while parked.
  5. One of my favorites is to connect while taking a sea salt or Epsom salts bath.
  6. Spend time journaling.
  7. Light a candle and call forth your inner wisdom, your angels, God, Source…

Your Creator wants only love, joy, and peace for you. Let’s follow the Divine wisdom and follow the joy.

Listening to the whispers of our soul takes some cultivation. Getting still and quiet, enjoying time out in nature or by a source of water makes for some excellent “soul reception.”

When in doubt, follow the joy. Your soul knows the way. Joy was my focus word last year. I found joy everywhere I looked. I even wrote a book about joy. This blog article is based on Day 19 from my first book “On a Path of Joy,” Volume One.



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