Acceptance of What Is: Essential for Well-Being

Acceptance of What Is: Essential for Well-Being by Gus Southey #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WhatIs

Acceptance of What Is: Essential for Well-Being by Gus Southey #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WhatIs

Accepting the “Is-ness” of this Moment –

Life is always experienced as the present moment. Your life situation \’is as it is\’ right now. Yet countless people live in a habitual state of unhappiness and constantly complain about their life. This means they are resisting what is because they believe that true happiness and eventual fulfillment will only be found sometime in the future. However, the future doesn\’t exist because it cannot be experienced. It\’s an illusory thought formed in the mind. When the so-called future arrives, it will be experienced as the present moment.

What could be more ludicrous than denying or not accepting one\’s present life situation when the present moment is all there ever is. If you truly believe and associate real happiness with some future goal achievement, you spend almost your entire life missing out on the joys and pleasures of life itself which can only be experienced now. Acceptance of what is, therefore, is a fundamental step towards a peaceful life. Resisting or non-acceptance of what is, will always lead to continuous pain and suffering.

Non-Acceptance of What Is: A Real-Life Example –

Let\’s consider the current state of the U.S. economy as an example of non-acceptance of what is. It\’s still the largest economy in the world according to its GDP. However, if you delve a little deeper you\’ll be rather shocked to discover that over the past several decades U.S. national debt levels have soared to about three times its annual GDP. This means that the U.S.\’s monetary borrowing and expenditure far outweigh its capacity to pay it back. It\’s also the reason why it\’s been able to boost and maintain its status as the global \’Super Power’ in terms of its economy as well as its military strength for so long. An economic collapse is highly likely because you cannot continually borrow more and more money without paying it back and not face the consequences.

I believe the core reason why the U.S. has found itself in this predicament is because of its non-acceptance of the bare facts.

Obstinate over-borrowing is destined for a dire ending and both the Government and Federal Reserve have successfully covered up this debt issue for a long time. Many Americans have also been socially conditioned to believe that the accumulation of large debt due to the excessive use of their credit cards is a perfectly normal way of life.

However, this often leads to over-spending and can also become addictive because it allows you to live way beyond your means. Indebted people then become even more reliant on borrowed money so they can continue spending it lavishly. They believe that money can buy them happiness which it can\’t. Happiness derived from material things is superficial. It\’s a fleeting happiness, not a pure inner joy which is unaffected by one\’s possessions.

Inner acceptance brings peace. Once you accept your life situation for what it is, a huge sense of relief arises within you because you\’re no longer resisting the truth and intentionally deceiving yourself. The power of acceptance applies to any life issue or situation. It provides the foundation for all joyful and successful endeavors.

This is why the “Law of Acceptance” is included as one of The Seven Essential Spiritual Laws of Success.

– Gus

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