Are You Blocking Your Success?

Are You Blocking Your #Success by Shari Alyse #WUVIP

“I wish I could I travel around the world, but I don’t have the time or money.” “I would love to own my own hair salon, but I will never get a loan.” “I wish I could find a boyfriend, but I don’t trust men.” “I wish I could pursue my singing career, but I have no time because I’m working so much.”

To the outside eye (FEAR based mind), those reasons seem pretty valid as to why you can’t have the things you want and dream about. To the inside eye (your soul), it knows that all of that “stuff” is just “stuff” that can easily be lifted, removed, and taken away to leave you with every opportunity you need to be able to live the life you dream of. Whichever road you journey down is ultimately your choice.

Your Choice.

That’s right. The choice is yours. When you open up your heart to the infinite possibilities that are available in your life, you open up the floodgates to blessings. As soon as you focus on all the ways and all the reasons why something won’t work out or why it can’t, you immediately send out that energy out into the world and it shows up in turn with every way that you are right. If you don’t believe me, think about this for a moment. Think about all the times you’ve thought about someone that hasn’t been in your life for years and shortly after you thought of them, you either see them, or they call, or you just hear from them in some way. That might seem insignificant, but it’s just an example of how a simple thought that is filled with energy and has no obstruction or boundaries, and no obstacles surrounding it, just shows up in your life. It’s the same thing for all the other thoughts. You might think that you want that singing career, but if you are filled with doubt, or fear, or insecurities about it ever happening or your talent, you unconsciously are sending out an energy that blocks any means of opportunities to allow that dream to manifest itself. That is why it is so important to really and genuinely start figuring out what your thought patterns are and when you sense a negative feeling coming up around something, take the time to really investigate and figure out why those feelings and thoughts are coming up within you. If you don’t figure them out, they will forever return at different times and in different situations. That is what is meant by self-reflection and self-work. If you want things to be different than they are, you have to make them different than how they are. It is work, but anything that is worth anything takes some work and I like to believe that we are all worth it!

You’re Challenged!

So I challenge you to really start paying attention to all the ways you block yourself with your thoughts from allowing dreams and ideas to be created and manifested. Figure out where the fears come in and then start trying to work through them and heal them. As soon as you realize that only you are standing in your own way, is as soon as you realize that a whole world of possibilities lay right at your feet! All you have to do is feed those dreams the same faith and love that you do your doubts and fears. Keep the faith, just change the direction!

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