Be Grateful for Your Future Clients

Gratitude is an awesome practice. Not only does it improve your mood, but you can also use gratitude to attract clients.

It’s impossible to feel bad and grateful at the same time. 

Try it.  Think about something you’re truly grateful for in this moment and notice how you feel.  For example, are you grateful for the blue sky?  Your health?  Someone you care about?  How do you feel when you think about what you’re grateful for?  Good, right?

When you’re grateful, negativity disappears.

If you’re an entrepreneur, coach, or healing arts practitioner, it’s easy to get discouraged on the journey of attracting clients. Unfortunately, when you feel down, your negative energy can repel potential clients or keep you from doing things to promote your business.

So, practice gratitude! When you’re grateful for your future clients three things happen:

  1. Your mood improves
  2. You imagine having wonderful clients
  3. You activate the Law of Attraction and become magnetic to your future clients

How to Practice Being Grateful for Future Clients

To practice being grateful for your future clients, give thanks to the universe (or your higher power) for bringing your future clients to you, for the wonderful experience of working with them, for sending you people who pay you for your services, or something else that feels even better to you.

It’s simple.

For example, I like to say, “Thank you Universe for all the people who are registering for my Get On Your Moving Sidewalk Events. It’s great to have them in the Zoom room.”  When I say this, in my mind’s eye I see lots of people participating in my upcoming events and my mood improves and I have a smile on my face. 

Imagine Having Wonderful Future Clients

If you don’t currently have many clients, it might feel challenging to be grateful for future clients.  If that’s the case, use your imagination!  

Shake off reality and imagine a future with wonderful clients.  If you’re doing private sessions with them, see the room you’re in as you do these sessions. Imagine working with one person after the other. If you’re teaching classes, in your mind see the class filled with great clients. Notice how you feel. 

I designed a simple technique you can use to paint the picture of a possible future that you’d like to manifest. I call it the New Story Process. It’s a great tool to help you imagine having wonderful clients. To learn how to use it, download my free worksheet. It’s really easy and helpful.

As you see your clients in your mind, feel the good feelings of working with them, getting to know them, and making a difference in their lives. And then say, “Thank you,” again! Gratitude works.

Be Magnetic to Your Future Clients

When you imagine having future clients AND feeling good about it, you become magnetic to them.  Your potential clients will become aware of you.  You’ll start to show up on their radar via social media, networking, or through any other type of marketing you do.  And they’ll be intrigued.

You still have to put yourself out there, but when you’re grateful for your future ideal clients, they’ll sense you, see you, and sign up to work with you!

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