Change Your Life in 20 Seconds

Change Your Life in 20 Seconds

Twenty seconds of courage. That’s all it takes to change the course of your life. That is what the main character Benjamin Meen said in the movie “We Bought a Zoo.” I can’t stop smiling at that thought. I’ve thought about the times that I just threw my pride, fear, ego, and doubts aside and just put myself “out there” and was amazed at how just by doing that, the trajectory of my life, even if at the moment seemed minuscule, ultimately led to more opportunities, more adventures, more love, more laughter, more joy, more happiness, and honestly, just more life. When we learn to let go of the thoughts that hold us back, that stand in our way of doing or going after what we really want, the doorway to our life swings open and it’s like a brand new world is born.

Twenty seconds.

Twenty seconds to go make a fool of yourself.

Twenty seconds to say what you truly mean.

Twenty seconds to put yourself TRULY out there.

Twenty short seconds that can ultimately change your life for the better.

Doesn’t actually seem that hard after all. Perhaps we can all commit to doing one thing a week that scares us. Just one. One thing a week that we’ve been meaning to. And hell, what’s the worse that will happen? We certainly won’t be any further away from what we want then by not doing anything at all. So go ahead. You’ve got twenty seconds to change your life. That’s it!

I believe in you! You’ve got this!

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