Claircognizance: The Gut feeling message

Claircognizance: The Gut feeling message by Carolyn McGee #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Claircognizance

In part 4 of this 5-part blog series by Carolyn McGee, she will share about Claircognizance, the 4th way we receive divine messages. Late joining this series? Catch up from the beginning with Part 1 or with last week\’s Part 3.

We are in week 4 of the 5 main ways that the Divine sends us messages. Clairvoyance is seeing messages, Clairaudience is listening to direction, and Clairsentience is the feeling of energy. We will close out our series next week with Clairbeing.

This week we will focus on Claircognizance or the knowing sense. It is that light bulb that goes off and gives us an immediate answer or feeling about something. Sometimes the knowingness hits us so fast that we can miss it or start to doubt it. Pay attention to those first and powerful intuitive hits as it is the Divine sending you information. Take a deep breath and pause when you get a “feeling” about something so that your brain can register how your body is reacting and acknowledge the information.

Claircognizance is the sense that you just know deep in your core that something is true. You cannot explain it or explain it away. It is just is.

There is a reason that a first impression is talked about so much. We do have this immediate knowingness about people and situations. Many years ago, my boss told me to hire someone that I just didn’t feel comfortable with. She had excellent qualifications, but from the first time I met her, I knew that something was not right about her. A year later when I went out on maternity leave, she tried to discredit me and take my job. I had immediately felt her lack of integrity but didn’t know how to explain that to my boss. It was a big lesson in trusting what I know to be true vs. what was being told to me.

If you are having difficulty believing your Claircognizance, one way to prove you are accurate in your interpretation of divine guidance is to keep a journal or a chart to track your gut feelings and then go back to review it after further interactions with the person, event or place. You will be amazed how accurate your intuitive sense is! This will also give you proof that your instincts are correct.

One of my favorite TV characters is Gibbs from NCIS. The trait I love the most about him is how he follows his knowingness guidance. He is famous for following his gut instincts or Claircognizance. He knows his gut feelings are correct. He has a history of being right and it has been proven to the people who work with him and respect him that it is a mistake to not follow Gibbs’ gut instinct.

Claircognizant information often will come to us when we are doing something else such as driving or walking. It may feel like a great awareness that comes to you seemingly out of nowhere. It may feel like you just plugged into the universe for a download. Or perhaps, you suddenly just know the answer to a question you have been asking.

Claircognizant messages will be extremely clear and quick. It is as if someone yelled the answer in your ear or held up a sign except you will feel and know it in your body.

When I was looking for a home many years ago, I had done lots of research and visited many homes. None of them felt right. When I walked into the foyer of my home, I KNEW that it was my home. There was a sense of rightness, comfort, and coming home. I had got this information before I walked 3 steps into the house. I couldn’t explain what I knew other than it was the home where my kids and I would be happy (and we were).

Since I was a small child, I just knew things. I knew if someone was telling the truth, if there was more to the story, if something was good for me or not. I didn’t always trust or follow this guidance, but I knew it. As I started to trust my intuition and divine connection more, I could depend on this Claircognizance sense to make more and better decisions.

You also, “know what you know.” The more you honor your inner knowingness, practice your faith muscle and trust what you know without needing a reason, the faster and clearer your Claircognizance messages will be.

Our final sense, Clairbeing is living and being connected to the Divine in every moment. Stay tuned for the finale of this series next week!

– Carolyn