Can We Cure Ourselves of Illness?

Can we cure ourselves instead of depending on doctors and medications to address all of our health needs?

Various studies point to a resounding, yes!

While doctors and medications have an important role, our daily choices greatly affect our illnesses and health. By creating an organic, chemical-free household, we can reduce inflammation, let our organs operate properly, and get rid of common illnesses.

What’s involved? What illnesses may be cured? How long will it take?

Keep reading to find out!

What’s Involved in Curing Ourselves of Illness?

Curing ourselves involves creating a healthy indoor air quality in our homes. It allows our bodies to detox from chemicals that we’re exposed to every day I’m talking about the chemicals in our everyday products.

This, in turn, allows us to develop healthy new cells instead of generating cancerous or damaged ones.

It allows our organs to operate properly. It allows our hormones to function at the right levels, undisrupted.

And so much more.

We can choose to mitigate and cure some of our own illnesses.

What Illnesses May Be Cured?

Our bodies want to take care of us. However, they can’t do so when you and I are damaging our cells, the very cells that were meant to keep us healthy.

Studies have shown a connection between the chemicals used to make our everyday products with over 140 illnesses!

Some medical doctors (MDs) have stated that these chemicals are tied to nearly all illnesses, cellular dysfunction, and organ damage.

When your cells and organs aren’t functioning properly, that’s a pretty big deal.

It affects the body (physically), mind (mentally), and soul (spiritually).

Body (physically)

Nine of the 10 major organ systems in our body can be affected by these chemicals.

Whenever our body is harmed by chemicals, it works hard to protect us.

Eventually, it’s fighting all the time.

This causes our immune systems to become overloaded. They work too hard for too long and struggle to keep up with the high demands of today’s toxic products.

New scientific evidence shows that the brain can become stuck in “fight or flight” mode, what’s known as a “limbic system trauma loop.”

While these chemicals are affecting the brain (and other organs) physically, it can also cause a wide range of mental health effects.

Mind (mentally)

The nervous system (including the brain) is critical to how our bodies operate. Therefore, when our nervous system is affected, our entire being can change.

I won’t overwhelm you with a long list, but will mention a few of the mental health effects:

  • Alzheimer\’s disease – Behavioral problems
  • Anxiety – Short attention span or concentration
  • Attention deficit disorder – Brain fog

Soul (spiritually)

When we don’t feel good, mentally and physically, it affects our spiritual connection. It’s not that we can’t connect to spirit. However, there is a “film” so-to-speak that prevents us from fully connecting.

When our body feels healthier, we open our heart, mind, and soul at a higher level. We engage with the world and universe differently. We can soar higher.

At the same time, spirituality can lead to healing of the mind and body. The mind, body, and soul are synergistic, constantly feeding on one another.

To allow our best-selves to shine, it’s important that we create an organic, chemical-free household that leads to good health all-around.

How Long Will It Take?

Wherever you’re at this moment, just beginning your journey or rockin’ a fully organic lifestyle, we can each do more to cure ourselves.

The process of changing your lifestyle and household to be chemical-free can be steady and straight-forward or long and drawn-out.

It’s your choice.

Your pace.

Your timeline.

Which is part of the beauty of making this lifestyle change, we can cure ourselves at our own pace.

How to Cure Ourselves Through Organic + Chemical-Free Living

Focusing on your indoor air quality can be a highly-impactful place to start when curing ourselves.

Items that affect indoor air quality include building materials, personal (self) care products, cleaning, clothing, food, and furniture items.

Below is one strategic step to take in each of these areas whichever appeals to you right now!

Self-Care Products

Going fragrance-free is one of the simple and strategic steps for getting a chunk of chemicals out of your home. Choose lotions, soaps, and conditioners without fragrance. While there still may be a smell to the product, the added chemicals for fragrance won’t be in there.


This catch-all category for everything from decorations to window treatments has a few strategic principles to follow. One of the largest? No plastic (or as little as possible). This means no plastic in drapes (synthetic material), picture frames (composite wood), fake plants, and more.


Use a simple solution of water and a few drops of non-toxic dish soap to clean nearly your entire home! In a metal bucket, combine the water and dish soap to make a very light soapy mixture (not a lot of bubbles). Dip an organic cotton cloth into the mixture. Wring well. Dust flat surfaces and wash floors!


In order to buy the most non-toxic clothing, look for the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) logo and the word “organic.” This indicates that all parts of the clothing are 95-100% non-toxic, not just the fiber.


Store food in ceramic or glass containers. While these containers may have plastic or silicone lids that can let off-gas toxins, your food will not be touching large amounts of plastic surfaces that leach chemicals into your food supply.


Buy organic, non-toxic wood furniture that is made of solid hardwood, and non-toxic fasteners and finishes. While furniture woods can be FSC certified, the certification only speaks to the renewable elements of the wood vs. the healthiness of the furniture.

Your Next Steps

Want to know how to choose organic, non-toxic wood furniture for any room in your home? Get instant access to our free online class: How to Buy Organic Nontoxic Wood Furniture.

– Angela

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