Ellie & Trilby are Inspiring Women Living Their \’Why\’

Ellie & Trilby are Inspiring Women Living Their \'Why\' #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #Inspiring #Why

Our \’Why\’ is our driving force. It creates the roadmap in our hearts to fully live out our potential.

Meet two inspiring women who are changing lives every day by living their why on purpose.

After you have seen what Ellie and Trilby say, please share with us in the comments Your Why.


Ellie Savoy

Author of Stop Dieting Start Living, Inspirational Speaker, Progressive Health and Wellness Empowerment Coach

Ellie’s mission is to help yo-yo dieters get off the dieting merry-go-round permanently, and discover the simplicity and joy of investing in their most precious asset ~ a healthy mind, body and soul.

Ellie Savoy is the author of the #1 international bestselling book “Stop Dieting Start Living: 5 Foundations for Your Health to Permanently Lose Weight Without Dieting Starvation or Suffering in Silence” and a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach.

A yo-yo dieter for over 25 years and regularly not feeling satisfied with the way she looked, everything changed for Ellie in the summer of 2011 when she was diagnosed with uterine fibroids. She refers to it as “a gift in disguise”. She was given four options, three involved surgery and the forth was to do nothing. The idea of surgery was unappealing and doing nothing was not an option because she knew change was necessary. This shocking moment made her realize the errors of her ways. She started a journey of self-healing, and ended up stumbling upon the real secret to weight loss. (Click on Ellie\’s name above to read more and connect with her!)


Trilby D. Johnson

Connect The Dots To Who You Truly Are

Hello, I\’m Trilby D. Johnson. I am a Transformational Author and an Intuitive Energy Alchemist. I love mentoring women entrepreneur coaches, healers and thought leaders, who have begun to notice that their body is changing and they fear aging and losing their appeal and confidence. It makes me really sad to see these amazing women feeling like their body has betrayed them and that their life has become an out-of-control roller coaster ride, to which they succumb often believing growing old and falling to bits is inevitable. So I have designed my own unique style of body love mentoring that installs new effective, natural and organic vibrational frequencies at a core level, so that these women then fall in love with their body and change their life, no longer encumbered by limiting beliefs and anxiety. A journey of self-love and confidence. I support this Journey. (Click on Trilby\’s name above to read more and connect with her!)

Call To Action!

Share with us your why. Tell us what you do. Are you a stay at home mom or a supreme court judge? No role is insignificant, because you have a \’why\’ you do it. Inspire the readers on The Wellness Universe around the world in the comments below.

This is not a contest. You won\’t win anything, but what you do get is a wonderful sense of sharing your story and helping someone else to have confidence to pursue their \’why\’ too.

Thank you!

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