Family Soul Contracts: Avoid the Holiday Madness with the Akashic Masters

With the holidays often being a time of heightened emotion, interactions may escalate in a way that makes us retreat or act out. But this time of the year can also be an opportunity to expand into more of who we truly are. The Akashic Masters are ready to help you fulfill your soul contracts so you can have more peaceful family celebrations.

So many holidays!

There are myriad religious celebrations at this time of the year. From Christmas and Yule to Chanukah and Kwanzaa, these occasions bring families together to unite in their beliefs and traditions. This is a big part of what connects us, whether it’s a Christmas ham or lighting the Menorah candles together.

Gatherings can also be a time when unresolved emotional conflicts rear their heads. By the time we’re adults, the lens through which we look at life can be very different from our parents and siblings. Add in unresolved childhood issues and the environment can range from slightly uncomfortable to extremely emotional.

The Akashic Records can help ease the tension

The Akashic Records, think of them like an encyclopedia of every life you’ve ever lived, may hold the key to preventing these disruptions and nurturing peace, especially when you’re in the midst of your family. Knowing about your past lives and the soul contracts you’ve made creates the chance to learn how to check the ego and open yourself to the lesson.

Our souls have written contracts with many people in our lives. They may be simple, an agreement to be there for support, or more complex like providing lessons we need to evolve. Sometimes, the most difficult contracts to deal with are the ones we have with family members.

Sibling rivalry can have roots deeper than this lifetime

Gretchen was once again dreading Christmas at her parents’ house. She had done the work to heal her relationship with them and got along well with her brother. But her sister Sarah, that was a completely different story.

“No matter what I do, she needs to do it better, faster, smarter,” Gretchen complained to me before a reading. “If I make plain cranberry bread, she’s got to make hers with nuts and raisins. If I get Mom and Dad a weekend getaway, she gives them a week in Mexico.”

I asked her how long this had been going on. “For as long as I can remember,” she answered. “Sarah had to have the most glammed up doll, the coolest decorations on her roller skates, the winning pie at the 4H competition.” Gretchen laughed. “Don’t even get me started about grades.” Even though she was the eldest, her little sister made sure Gretchen knew her grade in the same class was better.

Time to end the war

Exhausted from the battles, at 45, Gretchen was finally ready to lay down her sword. “I know there has to be a past life connection,” she admitted. “Nothing else makes sense for how intense this feels.”

After sitting in meditation together, we began. And neither of us was surprised the Akashic Records revealed that in another life Gretchen and Sarah had grown up along the border of two warring countries, Gretchen in one country, Sarah in the other. Despite the tension between their families, they had become friends. But when they were older, each was forced to fight for their respective country.

Both were born leaders and they rose through the ranks to become the commanders of their country’s military forces. It was very emotional as the Akashic Masters showed us a battlefield, littered with young men who’d sacrificed their lives. This is where Gretchen and Sarah’s souls agreed that nothing was worth the suffering and destruction they had created. They made a pact never to foster combat of any kind.

The first holiday after

“I never thought of our competitiveness as combat,” Gretchen acknowledged after our session. “But I guess it kind of is. We constantly battle each other. Being the best, the coolest has been the driving force of our relationship.”

Gretchen reached out to me after their holiday dinner and told me it was the best Christmas she remembered. “I just didn’t care anymore,” she said. “It didn’t matter who bought the best gift or made the dessert everyone raved about. I just wanted to spend time with my sister and family.”

The level of freedom she felt from not needing to compete with Sarah was extraordinary. Thanks to the Akashic Records, she was empowered with the knowledge of her soul contract which rendered the ego, the part of her driving her to compete, powerless.

Your turn for freedom

Awareness is a powerful tool.

With the help of the Akashic Masters, you too can experience the freedom to enjoy a holiday gathering with family that is peaceful and fun. The complimentary meditation on my site will help you tune into your Akashic Records and discover the contracts your soul has made.

May you and your family experience blessings, peace, and prosperity this holiday season!

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