Following Your Intuition Even When It\’s Painful

Following Your Intuition Even When It\'s Painful by Carolyn McGee #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Painful

There are many different aspects to our intuition.

We know at a deep level what is going to be good for us and what is not. But what happens when we receive guidance that is conflicting? How do we resolve that direction when it seems that it is clearly for our highest good, and yet we know that following it is going to be painful?

I did not follow my intuition when I was in high school. It was a difficult time for me; I was bullied and just didn’t belong. The more I tried to fit in, the less I followed my intuition, and the bigger the problems were. The more I hid my true voice and didn’t shine who I really was, the harder it was for me to be the leader and teacher that I am at heart. I gave away my power and just survived until I could graduate and get away.

I thought that the change of location and environment would make all my problems go away.

It did make a difference for a while and college was much easier for me. I found people that I was comfortable with and I thrived. Being away from home also allowed me to start trusting my intuition more. As I began my work career, I used my intuition on a regular basis, yet didn’t give it credit. I always justified it with logic. Life flowed, I made choices, I raised a family, yet I wasn’t fulfilled or happy.

After an ugly divorce, I started to seriously look at how and why I made my choices. I realized that every time I trusted that inner voice and followed it, my life was easy. Opportunities appeared, amazing connections happened, and I felt joyful, full of clarity and purpose. I committed myself to trust and act on my divine guidance.

Now, I am teaching about intuition and how to trust it.

I am following my guidance at every level. From what to wear each day, to what activities to get involved in, and the decisions that I make. I completely trust my ability to understand what is in my highest good.

When I received the notice of my 40th high school reunion, my intuitive guidance was to allow my buried feelings to surface. Even though it was uncomfortable, I stood witness to the pain of being ostracized and bullied when I was a teenager. I acknowledged where I didn’t follow my intuition and made the situation worse. As I was going through this process, someone I casually knew in high school reached out to me and started a conversation on Facebook.

One level of my intuitive guidance was that this connection was to support me in releasing, at a deep level, the emotions that I was still holding on to. The other part of intuitive knowledge was that there was something off, something inauthentic in the connection, and heartbreak was a possibility.

I trusted that both versions of guidance were in my highest good, and I moved forward to communicate with this person.

We started reminiscing about high school and getting to know each other on a different level. I followed my intuition and opened my heart to a real connection. I shared about my journey and asked about his. I authentically allowed him to see who I really am. As I shared my hurt in high school with an open heart, I felt the buried pain release. He lived in our hometown and was still associated with many people. Our conversations were a beautiful, supportive journey to reconnection with a part of my life that I had closed off.

We decided to meet the next time I was in the area. I was excited to build this connection in a more tangible way. The day we were to meet, he stopped communicating. Wow, I went right back to 17 years old and “what did I do wrong?” I felt the hurt, the isolation, the loss again. Then, awareness kicked in and I listened to my heart. I knew that I was open, being me and amazing. I was present and available. This was the final piece in healing my past. This was the gift after the painful part of following my intuition. I was given the opportunity to let go of the old way of being and the hurt of the past that had colored my choices. I could now heartedly step into a different energy of connection.

I am grateful that I followed my intuition, even knowing that it could be painful, to experience this multifaceted lesson.

Have you experienced conflicting messages? How did you navigate the different energies? Please share them with us in the comments below!

– Carolyn

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