Healing A Broken Heart: A Visualization Exercise

Healing A Broken Heart: A Visualization Exercise by Joy Andreasen #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #VisualizationExercise

All of us, if we are willing to admit it, have had the experience of having our heart broken at least once in our life.

Many of us have experienced broken hearts many times over the course of our lifetime. A broken heart does not come just from the loss of a romantic relationship, although this is one way that it occurs. Our hearts get broken when someone we love dies, whether that is a person or a much-loved pet. Our hearts may break when we lose a job or have to move from a much-loved home. We may experience a failed business venture or a friendship that goes awry. Someone we love may move away, or perhaps our children grow up and create lives of their own that takes them away from us.

Whether your broken heart has occurred from a difficult experience or just the natural circle of life, remember that your heart will take time to heal, just as a broken arm or leg would.

If you were to break your leg, for example, you would probably go to the doctor. The doctor would fit you with a cast which you would have for a period of time. Eventually, the cast would be removed, but you would not immediately go out and run a marathon. You may have to have physical therapy, or the doctor may tell you to take it easy for a while. You may start just walking on it for an hour a day and have to work up to using your leg normally.

It is the same with your heart. It will take time to heal. There are steps you have to take to bring yourself back to being a functioning person.

One of those steps may be realizing that you have lost a piece of your emotional self, your energy, or your soul in the person or situation that has caused your heart to be broken.

When you are in a relationship, you willingly give a part of yourself to the relationship. When the relationship ends, the part of yourself you gave does not always automatically come back to you. You may be walking around missing a piece of your soul or your emotional self and not even know it. You are constantly thinking about the loss, dreaming about the person or situation, going over and over in your mind the memories that mean the most to you, or affect you the most emotionally.

Today’s visualization is one that I have used countless times with clients to assist them in healing emotional issues in their lives. Many times, my clients don’t even realize their heart is broken. It is only through a session that they are able to recover parts of themselves that may have been gone for a long time.

In the following visualization exercise, you are going to recover the part of your emotional self you gave away, which resulted in having your heart broken when the relationship ended.

Remember that this is just one step in the healing process. You may feel you have grieved enough and it is time to move on with your life, but something seems to be missing. It may be the part of yourself that was lost that you are grieving the most. If you work with non-physical Guides, Helpers, or Angels, now is the time to call them in to assist and protect you.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a beautiful setting in nature or in a meaningful spot that reminds you of the happy part of your relationship, if there was one. If you lost a home or a job you might even imagine yourself in that physical location.

Imagine yourself standing or sitting in front of the person or animal you lost or, if losing a job or a home broke your heart, imagine yourself there.

See a beautiful ball of light, representing all the love and emotions you put into the relationship, in the hands of the other person, or in front of the animal, or place of your focus. At this moment, imagine yourself calling back your soul, or having the other person or animal gift it back to you. Imagine any cords of emotions tying you to the person or place disappearing or being cut, releasing you from any emotional ties to this relationship.

After you have sent love to all of the emotions within the ball of light, imagine yourself calling the part of yourself which is inherent in the ball of light coming back into your body, filling up any dark spots or empty spaces in your emotional body. Imagine reuniting with the pieces of yourself that had been lost or missing and welcoming them back into your body.

Seal your emotional body with light. You may want to check to make sure you don’t have any parts of the other party’s emotional body, and if you do, give them back with love.

Be gentle with yourself. Feel free to repeat this visualization exercise as often as necessary.

If your heart has been broken more than once, you can repeat at separate intervals for each time you lost a piece of yourself. You can also send love to each emotionally charged interaction you had during the length of the relationship.

I have created a video to take you through the visualization of recovering a lost piece of your emotional self.

Remember that time does not heal all wounds.

If you have a leg amputated, it does not grow back. When your heart breaks, it does not necessarily heal itself. There are important steps to take to recover your soul and heal your heart. This is just one of those steps.

Blessings to you as you heal your heart and rediscover your soul.

You are strong and you will get through this!

– Joy

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