In Pursuit of L.I.F.E. Part 1

In Pursuit of L.I.F.E. Part 1 by Jim Phillips #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #L.I.F.E.

In Pursuit of L.I.F.E. – Living in Full Expression

Sharing the journey of how I came to do the work I do and the writing of The Key to L.I.F.E.; Living in Full Expression is in and of itself another experience of gaining a greater understanding of who I am and what I am here to do.

Anytime I speak or write about myself I am at first very uncomfortable but then settle in to await what shows up, what has a desire to be revealed.

I have been writing and speaking for well over 30 years, mostly within the real estate industry, although it always had a spiritual tone. It was approximately 15 years ago that I became more intentional on sharing the information I was receiving through workshops, blogs, interviews, and ultimately, The Key to LIFE.

Reflecting on the question of how I got to who I am, two experiences readily come to mind. It isn’t that these experiences were the “big aha” or traumatic experience many have that define their lives as they were moments of awareness.

The first came at age 13 while sitting in church with my parents. As I sat between them, my Mom on my left and Dad on my right, I remember thinking that something was off about this experience of being in church. It had nothing to do with my beliefs about God, Jesus, or religion specifically, just the feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

As I looked around, I noticed the minister finishing his sermon and a small group gathering to my left to begin the passing of the offering basket. The thought and feeling of something being off persisted.

Suddenly, above my head and to the right, a loud clear voice stated, “you are going to do this someday.” I jerked my head to my right looking up to find the source of the voice. Of course, no one was there.

I looked to my parents, neither giving any indication they heard “the voice.” I quickly scanned others sitting nearby only to realize they too had not heard the voice. As I sat there trying to make sense of what just happened, my first thought was, did this really happen? Did I hear a voice or was it just something in my head? And what was it that I was going to be doing someday? It certainly wasn’t standing in front of a congregation leading a sermon.

And then it happened again a few minutes later. This time the voice said loud and clear, “you will do it differently.” I’ll be doing what differently, I thought. As I left church that day, the voice rang clearly in my head with the directive of what I was to do during this lifetime.

From the age of 13 until my early 60’s this experience was closely guarded only to be revealed through the writing and publishing of The Key to L.I.F.E.; Living in Full Expression.

My second moment of awareness pertained to the concept of pre-determination as it relates to life when, as a teenager, I was asked if I believed in pre-determination. In other words, was my life to unfold in a pre-determined way regardless of what I might think, believe, or do? Was the unfolding of my life outside of my influence or control?

I remember standing in front of a very high train trestle that I could easily walk under. As I stood there, I imagined a large boulder sitting atop the track teetering from one side to another. The question I considered was, “if I stay where I am, will the boulder fall on me, or if I run to the other side will the boulder still fall on me?”

Yes, looking back on this it seems a strange way to question life and my active participation in how my life unfolds, and yet for me, it was perfect. I came to realize (much later) that it was my choice that I had control over and not the subsequent result. Furthermore, if I made choices and took actions in alignment with my desired result, that outcome was more likely to take place. Simple, yet profound.

The key, of course, is realizing what I truly desire with as much clarity as possible.

In my next post this time next week, I will share what life had in store for me as I continued along my path of the realization of the truth of whom I am. In the meantime, I invite you to reflect on your life and consider the events to this moment.

How have they impacted who you are and how you experience and express your Self in this world?

– Jim

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