Inspiration for December 11th by Shari Alyse

Inspiration for December 11th by Shari Alyse #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Inspiration

Welcome to a new day full of new opportunities, beginnings, and blessings with the featured Inspiration for December 11th by Shari Alyse.

What if everything you said or did directly reflected the way you experience and see the world and your life? It\’s possible that 2 different people have the same experience and yet see them completely different. Wouldn\’t that mean that you have the power to change your own perception? Have you thought about the fact that maybe we all attach a feeling, a memory, a judgment to everything we see and experience and maybe that particular thing doesn\’t really have any meaning except what YOU label it with.

With that said, maybe it\’s time you began reclaiming YOUR joy and no longer be defined by anyone or anything! Your life is and your happiness is all dependent on how YOU choose to see yourself, those around you and the world.

Wishing you all a fully, empowered and beautiful day and life!

With Love,