Inspiration for December 21st by Laura Probert

Inspiration for December 21st by Laura Probert #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #FeaturedInspiration

Enjoy a little holiday hug poem with today\’s featured Inspiration for December 21st by Laura Probert via The Wellness Universe. 

A Little Holiday Hug for You, From Laura

Happy to say bye
to two thousand sixteen
it’s been a rough ride
if you know what I mean.

But there’s plenty of thanks
to go all around
because gratitude’s the bomb
and I’m feeling it now.

So I’d like to say thanks
to my family and friends
who’ve supported me
and my two amazing kids.

Life would be rather bleak
without you all there
so if you were wondering
I really do care.

I’d like to say cheers and
wish all my best wishes
to you and yours
for this Merry Christmas.

Let’s look forward a bit
to a Happy New Year
I know I’m ready
for all it brings here.

I’m making love, joy, and peace
my goal of the day
to stay in the now
make my work feel like play.

So for all of you souls
who like that idea
I welcome you to join
in my outrageous new year.

I’m not looking back
I’m not getting stuck
I’m not going to dwell
on any of the muck.

Two thousand seventeen
is just around the corner
and I plan on making it
the most joyful year ever.

So I invite you to focus
to stay wide awake
every thought, belief, and action
is magic we make.

This’s how we create
the life of our dreams
by staying clear in our purpose
by choosing these things.

I believe in the bliss
I’ve seen spectacular things
I know all the bad stuff’s
not what it seems.

I stand here today
in the middle of this poem
to help you see it too
I hope you will know it.

Looking forward to the day
for some real hug time
but until then my friends
Hope you enjoyed this lit rhyme.