Inspiration of the Day by Robert Clancy

Inspiration of the Day by Robert Clancy #InspirationOfTheDay #InspiringQuote #InspiringPoster #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #RobertClancy

Inspiration of the Day by Robert Clancy

Angels Watch Over

Although you may never hear an angelic choir with your ears, your heart is always tuned to their beautiful music. Be still and listen. —Robert Clancy

Peace is as close to your heart as the divine love that encircles your beautiful life. You just have to take a moment to give gratitude for those small wins—those seeming small moments that bring light upon your day.

When you become lost, allow hope to be the beacon that helps you find your road home. When you come upon a fork in that road, choose the path of peace. Whenever there is a choice before you, choose love. Divine love is the one thing that can never be taken from you.

We’ve all had those days when life seems to be overwhelming. When this happens to me I always take comfort in knowing that all love in heaven is just as overwhelming.  The beautiful of it all is you can bring that love right here just by sharing your smile or a kind word to brighten someone’s day.

You’re always held in the arms of the angels while your precious soul gently rests in God’s hands. Bask in the glory of the dawn’s light for it’s a new day—make this one yours!

All love & light!


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