IOTD for September 20th by Jenny Tasker

IOTD for September 20th by Jenny Tasker #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #IOTD

Please take a moment to enjoy the IOTD for September 20th by Jenny Tasker and walk away feeling better and inspired!

One step at a time, is what it will take
When it\’s all way too much, and you\’re ready to break.
Give in to those tears, have your moments of sorrow
Push through those fears, with the hope of tomorrow.
Keep your head held high, don\’t miss out on a thing
It\’s amazing the blessings, those moments will bring.

You could give up I suppose, slam the door on this fate,
you could keep it closed, and then sit and wait.
But you’re not going anywhere, till your damn good and ready.
So you might as well walk through, slow and steady.

If you look you will see, that beacon of light
It\’s what pushes your forward, to continue your fight.
You know there is more, to see and to do,
but you hold yourself back, for fear of seeing it through.

Every new challenge, both a win, and disgrace,
is a growth opportunity we are here to face.
So stand tall and push forth, with all of your might,
don\’t ever let anything, diminish your fight.

If we continue on through, one step at a time,
breathing in and out, as each moment subsides.
We will notice new things, that will brighten our day,
and every new step, will light our way.
Our spirit will thrive, through releasing our wrath,
and our souls will shine, accepting our path.

– Jenny