Jim Phillips\’ Wednesday Wisdom for March 27th

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Welcome to Jim Phillips’ Wednesday Wisdom for March 27th! Each Wednesday, WU World Changer Jim Phillips will share some mid-week wisdom for you to ponder and embrace!

“We are each just doing our own thing, in our own way, to reach the same destination.”

When this came to me, it caused me to consider my life and the decisions I’ve made. Why did I choose as I have? Why do I believe what I believe? How did I get where I am on my way to where I am going? How have my decisions been influenced by others, by society, by history? After all, I just want to experience and express my Self in ways that feel true for me and ideally serve a higher purpose.

Humanity, as a whole, is engaged in “collective insanity;” insanity being the repeated doing of the same thing and expecting a different result.

The way we think, how we treat one another, how and why we believe what we believe and all we have gone into agreement with no longer serves us individually or collectively if we desire to realize and live from the truth. It’s crazy but we defend this insanity at the expense of our happiness, peace, love, joy, and well-being.

History does little but tell us who and where we were at a specific time, not who and where we are in this moment. Each decision we make, individually and collectively, creates the history we are writing. We would be wise not to be so caught up in the “this is the way it is, always has been and should be” thinking, that we are not open and receptive to the potential each moment offers to create and experience the kinder world that awaits.

How has war worked out so far? How has hate worked out? How has denying others their rights as human beings worked out? How has believing one group is better or more deserving than another worked out? How is the perpetuation of fear working out?

This isn’t to say I or you are directly engaged in the activities that lead to these consequences; however, we are engaged in the thinking and believing that directly impacts the consciousness of humanity which results in the world we see and in which we live.

The truth is, no one is better than another despite evidence to the contrary, evidence to which we have all agreed.

Wait a minute, I didn’t agree to anything. Didn’t you? Think about how you feel about or would treat a well-dressed person versus a homeless person. Throw different ethnic groups, religions, races, sexual orientation or political affiliation into the mix, how do you feel?

Does “your group” hold certain opinions that influence your opinion, even though you have no personal experience that validates the group opinion? Are you tapping into and acknowledging your true feelings and personal belief or is your answer based on how you want to perceive yourself and/or be perceived by others?

I am not suggesting you feel guilt or shame by how you feel, just acknowledge it.

I am not suggesting you are wrong with what you believe or do. I am suggesting however that you/we are misguided. We receive information from varying sources and decide whether or not to accept and believe it. Notice I didn’t say discern if it is true, only that we believe it.

The problem with this process is we decide if something is true against what we already hold as true, whether it is true or not. We then send these mistruths (if they are) out into the world through our thoughts, words, and actions, where they are received and accepted by others who send them into the world based on their interpretation. Another example of insanity perpetuated.

The time is now to understand what we have heretofore misunderstood. The time is now to discern the truth. The time is now to honor, respect, love, and support one another along the way. None of the seven billion paths being walked is better than another, yet each path is perfect as we make our way individually and collectively towards the realization of who we are.

It is this Truth that sets us free.

See you back here this time next week for my Wednesday Wisdom for April 3rd!

– Jim

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