Jim Phillips\’ Wednesday Wisdom for May 1st

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Welcome to Jim Phillips’ Wednesday Wisdom for May 1st! Each Wednesday, WU World Changer Jim Phillips will share some mid-week wisdom for you to ponder and embrace!

“There is nothing – no thing – that you cannot and will not overcome.”

I have had the extraordinary honor and pleasure of meeting amazing people during my life.

People who have had inconceivable experiences in life that most would remark, “I don’t know how you did that.” Some of the experiences more remarkable than others, however none of them more impactful on one’s life than another.

This past week I met four women, each of whom lost a child at an early age. Two of the children to the opioid epidemic, two to suicide, one of whom after serving in Afghanistan. As a Father, I cannot imagine a more challenging, heart-wrenching, life-questioning experience with which to be faced. And yet, each of these women has taken their experience and turned it into service to their fellow Mothers and Fathers who might find themselves going through this unimaginable experience.

As I listened to their stories, the pain they experienced was quite evident, yet the support, love, and compassion they feel for those to whom they offer their service was also quite evident. I have never met such strong, loving people in my life. My heart goes out to them not only for what they have been and are continuously going through, but for their love, grace, and willingness to share what they have experienced to benefit those who find themselves going through a similar experience.

I believe there is nothing that life has or will present that we cannot and will not overcome.

The experiences of these four women are ones that I personally would find the most challenging, and yet they serve as an example of how even in the face of tremendous loss we can move forward and live a life of purpose beyond what we believed was possible.

Each one of us will come face to face with an experience of life that can bring us to our knees, causing us to throw our hands in the air in surrender, not knowing how we are going to meet, much less overcome what has been presented, but we do. We take one breath at a time just trying to survive. We open our heart to receive the love and compassion of others that is always present. We live moment to moment taking one step and then another as we begin the process of healing.

No life changing experience for one person is more difficult than the experience of another, even though the appearance might suggest otherwise. As we consider the experience of another, we might say we don’t know how they did it, but upon reflection of our own challenging experience, we realize we didn’t know what to do either.

You will not be presented anything you cannot and are not able to overcome. Trust in your Higher Self, the Universe, God, Spirit, the Divine, whatever you believe to be the loving, compassionate, creative force of life that is in all things.

Know that as you continue along your chosen life path, this force is experiencing and expressing through you and as you, and as such always prevails.

See you back here this time next week for my Wednesday Wisdom for May 8th!

– Jim

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