Messages From the Light: Judgment vs. Acceptance

Judging yourselves and others has become almost as natural as breathing. You do it automatically and unconsciously, unaware of the negative effect it has. Letting go of judgements can be very difficult for it requires a conscious effort to be more mindful of not only what you say but also what you think.

You judge the way you and others look, act, and feel. You judge character and how people relate to one another. The list goes on and on. Every time you place a label on yourself or on another, you are judging. We do not say this to chastise you but to make you aware. Judging serves no purpose and will never lead you to where you want to be.

How do you feel when you are being judged by another? Does this lift you up or bring you down? The same is true when you judge another. Have you ever wondered why you judge? Not likely. It’s as if being judgmental is something you accepted as part of life. Imagine what your life would be like if you stopped judging and replaced judgment with acceptance.

Begin by accepting yourself exactly how you are, for until you can accept yourself, you will not be able to fully accept another.

Marisa’s Musings

Letting go of judgements is something I’ve been working on for years. It’s true that it’s so automatic at times. I often catch myself judging myself for being judgmental.  Sometimes, right after I say something, I realize I’m judging. Other times, I know before I speak that I’m about to say something judgmental and I say it anyway. I even start with the words, “I know this is a judgement but ________________.” As I write this, I can see how silly this is. Oops, there’s another judgement.

Why don’t I just stop myself from speaking when I know I’m about to judge myself or someone else? What is it within me that compels me to blurt it out when I know better? Even as I write this, I need to be mindful of not judging myself for this. It’s like a tangled web.

I do acknowledge myself for being more aware of my judgements and for judging myself and others less and less as time goes on.

I’ve witnessed so much judgement between others, especially over the last year, and it takes discipline to not fall into the trap of judging others for their judgments. With so many different opinions and points of view about all we’ve been experiencing, it’s easy to judge those who don’t agree with us. And yet, we each have free will to believe whatever we choose to believe.

It’s been my experience that judgement leads to pain and suffering while acceptance leads to peace and joy. I continue to do my best to focus on acceptance. Acceptance feels so much better.

What would you rather experience pain or peace?

I send you peace.


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