Life Between the Inhale and the Exhale

Life Between the Inhale and the Exhale by Elizabeth Kipp #WUVIP #BlogOfTheDay #Exhale #Inhale #Life
We are born into this life on an inhale, and we will die to this body on an exhale. With every inhale we are born anew to life; with every exhale we experience a death.

And yet, in between all of that inhaling and exhaling, life is right there to experience. How can we expand to live fully to our potential? It somehow seems easier for me to live contracted, turning to dying a little in each moment rather than to extend and stretch myself to the very limit of living. It takes conscious intention and courage on my part to step into the fully lit limelight of life and stand there and radiate fully clothed in the myriad of colors and textures that embody what it truly means to be me.

I die to myself as I give my power away to others, as I fear loss through rejection or being unseen, as I shrink into a shadowy dark corner when I believe the lie that I am unworthy of even being seen, as I walk in the world smaller than I am, as I turn from living honestly with myself or with others,  as I move through life not owning and sharing those gifts so freely given to me, as I get lost in the illusion of my separateness, as I find myself drowning in the unending thirst for filling that deep longing within, as I grapple and grasp futilely for any semblance of control over just about everything. I die to myself in these moments. And yet there lives within me a fierce burning desire to rise up, take my full fill of air and, in that span before the next exhale, every cell in my body replete with oxygen, grasp fully onto all that life is and never let go.

In my vulnerability, and in turning honestly into my tendencies to forget to live my life full out, I realize how I am missing out on the juice, the elixir of life itself. The signs of the magnificent expressions of life are all around me should I only choose to open and presence myself to them. I let go of those ideas of diminishing myself in any way. Instead, I muster my courage and set a clear intention to live by expanding ever more deeply into that space between the inhales and the exhales of life, perhaps even to discover a new part of myself come alive, and embrace the full measure of the moment.  I live out loud and full out. May I always remember to live so.

– Elizabeth

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