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Authentic Self-Knowing

Welcome to Life Mastery Soul Memos, Episode 32! Each month, WU World-Changer and Life Mastery Coach, David McLeod shares a new soul memo with you!

Episode 32, April 2023: Authentic Self-Knowing

One thing I talk a lot about in my messages is the idea of knowing who we really are. In truth, I believe that there is nothing more important than this, for everything else in our lives emanates out of that understanding. The problem is that most of us tend to live our lives according to the dictates of the conditioning we have received since the moment we were born into the physical world.

From a very early age, we are told that we are supposed to behave a certain way, that we are supposed to believe in certain things, and that we are supposed to abide by all the rules and regulations that are imposed on us by people in power, the so-called “authorities.” As we grow up, we are brow-beaten by these messages, and we are shamed, ridiculed, shunned, banished, punished, or worse, depending on the level of any perceived violation of the rules. Throughout our lives, we are taught that we are required to obey all the laws of the land and that the enforcers of those laws are not to be disobeyed, or even questioned for that matter. As the saying goes, “ours is not to reason why; ours is but to do or die.”

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I believe it’s time for all of us to wake up, stretch, and begin living with full intention. It’s time we stopped walking on eggshells for other people. It’s time we stopped worrying about what other people think of us at all. It’s time we step into the truth of who we really are—without apology.

If everyone were to do this—discard all the shields and masks and covers and reveal the true essence within—I believe that the world would heal almost instantaneously. I’d really like to see us all give this a try.

My friend, you are an amazing being. My hope for you is that you can stop being one of the sleepwalkers in the world and embrace that truth with enthusiasm and joy. Love yourself, honor yourself, know yourself, and experience yourself. And share your true essence with the world. In every moment.

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