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Welcome to Life Mastery Soul Memos, Episode 40! Each month, WU World-Changer and Life Mastery Coach, David McLeod shares a new soul memo with you!

Episode 40, November 2023: Adventurer Spirit

I remember as a young child, maybe 3 or 4 years old, having such a deep curiosity about everything. I was quite the intrepid adventurer back then, as I recall. Perhaps you have memories like that as well. Today, whenever I see children playing outside, I find myself reconnecting to that spirit of adventure, and it warms me with delight.

Children are natural-born adventurers, with an inbuilt sense of exploration that can sometimes lead them into mischief. But the main quality that they all seem to possess is what I call “authentic curiosity.”

Authentic curiosity is a state of open-minded exploration driven by a powerful desire to observe and understand the world, free from the constraints of predefined goals. It mirrors the unbridled fascination of children discovering the wonders around them, inviting you to embrace the unknown with a sense of wonder and playfulness. This form of curiosity thrives when unencumbered by the expectations, attachments, or judgments that often accompany typical adult pursuits.

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Remember, my friend, by embracing and nurturing authentic curiosity, you can reconnect with the natural-born adventurer within you. When your approach is unencumbered by expectations or judgments, your life becomes richer in meaning and profound experiences. I encourage you to channel the spirit of the childhood adventurer and heed the call of authentic curiosity. And while you are at it, give yourself permission to navigate the complexities of life with resilience, humility, and an enduring love for the wonders that await discovery.

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