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Welcome to Life Mastery Soul Memos, Episode 42! Each month, WU World-Changer and Life Mastery Coach, David McLeod shares a new soul memo with you!

Episode 42, February 2024: Standard of Living

Today I want to discuss the notion of “standard of living,” with an intentional focus on how we might work together to improve life for all.

When we talk about standard of living, we tend to focus on material things—our incomes, the products we buy, the size and amenities of our homes, the schools our kids attend, and so on. But over the years, I’ve come to realize that our true standard of living has little to do with “stuff,” and everything to do with the quality of our relationships and social connections.

You see, we humans are social creatures to our very core. We yearn for belonging. We thrive when we are seen, heard, and valued by others. And we suffer terribly when we are alone, isolated, or estranged from the tribe. Consider for a moment how much joy and fulfillment you feel when you’re surrounded by people you love and who love you in return. Doesn’t that warm your heart and uplift your spirit more than any possession ever could? It sure warms my heart!

I invite you to spread more kindness than seems reasonable. Foster community wherever you find it. Reach out to those who are hurting. Offer your gifts, talents, and resources to make life brighter for all. If we all do these simple things individually, the rest will unfold according to a wiser plan than any of our limited minds could conceive. Have faith in that, dear friend. What we do for love can never be lost.

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