Messages from the Light for February 2020

Messages from the Light for February 2020 by Marisa Ferrera #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #MessagesFromTheLight

Welcome to Messages from the Light for February 2020 where on the 8th of each month, WU World Changer Marisa Ferrera shares a channeled message for the month with you!

Valentine’s Day will soon be here. For some, this is a day of romance and joy but for others, it may be a day of sadness.

Valentine’s Day, like many other “special days,” has become so commercialized that it often results in a day of expectations, disappointment, loneliness, and pain.

If you’re single and desire to be in a relationship, this day can magnify your longing. If you’re struggling in your relationship, you might be going through the motions of buying a gift for your partner out of obligation and feeling even worse about how things just aren’t working out the way you had hoped for.

Below is a channeled message I received that’s about love and happiness. I hope it speaks to your heart as it speaks to mine.

Where to Find True Love

You need not look any further than your own heart to find the love that you seek for it is with you always. Make no mistake. Anyone who tells you to look for love outside of yourself is misleading you, for until you fall in love with yourself, you will never be able to fully love another. As you judge yourself, you will judge another. As you blame yourself, you will blame others.

The same is true about happiness. It too will not be found outside of you for everything you seek is already within you, waiting to be uncovered and experienced. The longer you continue to seek pleasure outside of yourself, the longer you will experience pain, for nothing outside of you can ever give you what you truly seek.

This is not something many of you want to hear, so you continue your endless search for love, peace, or joy and suffer in the process. When will you stop and come back to yourself where everything you desire can be found?

You ARE the love that you seek. You ARE the peace and joy that you desire. You ARE all that is and ever has been and ever will be.

Marisa\’s Musings

I invite you to make a conscious choice to do your best to live every day with a deep sense of self-love and to extend this energy of love to others.

Some days you might fall into the trap of seeking outside of yourself for what you desire to experience in your life. You might find yourself giving your power away by allowing external circumstances to hijack your emotions. If something happens that you don\’t like, you might feel angry, hurt, or judge yourself for the choices you made that led to undesirable results.

When this happens, give yourself love and compassion and simply continue to work on becoming more aware of when you allow external circumstances to determine your emotional state. It\’s not always easy to stay calm when things outside of you are not the way you desire them to be and yet it’s important to accept that you have NO control over ANYTHING that is occurring outside of you.

Do your best to respond rather than react to whatever you experience in your life and love yourself instead of judging yourself whenever you feel you have failed to do so.

LOVE is the answer to everything, and this love is always available to you if you look within.

See you back here this time next month for my channeled message for March!


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