Welcome to Messages from the Light for February 2021 where each month, WU World Changer Marisa Ferrera shares a channeled message of the month with you!

Let LOVE Be Your Intention

Take time to be still, to listen to the wisdom of your heart and soul. If you but take a few moments each day to do this, you will see the fruits that it will bear. You need not know what lays ahead. You need but to trust that all is well no matter what things look like on the surface.

You must look beyond the surface to see the truth but to do this you must first be still. Let go of the craziness your world is currently projecting for this is but a reflection of the consciousness of humanity up until this point. What you are witnessing is actually a vision of the past. If you wish to experience something different in the future, you must first begin to envision what you desire in this moment and then in the next and the next. As more and more of you begin to focus on that which you truly desire, it WILL come to pass.

Stop focusing on what is happening right now and put your attention instead on what you wish to see. This is not being delusional. It is being intentional. What is delusional thinking is that by focusing on what is happening now, things will change. They will not.

Make it your intention to be in a state of love in every moment, for it is love that has the power to make the positive shifts you most want to experience. Anger, fear, attack, or anything else that is lower than the vibration of love will only result in extending your experience of what you do not want.

The answers lie within, deep beneath the surface of your external reality which is but a projection of past thoughts of all who have ever lived on your planet including those who currently reside there.

Together you created your current reality, and together you can change it.

Marisas Musings

February is a month when many of us celebrate Valentine’s Day and put our attention on expressing our love to the people we most care about. This message is encouraging us to be in a state of love all the time. For many, this isn’t always easy to do.

A few weeks ago, when I was reflecting on what was happening in our world, I felt inspired to share a personal video message on my FB page. Since what I shared relates to this Message from the Light, I’ve decided to share it as my musing. 


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