Messages from the Light – Waiting is Not Easy

Waiting is not easy

Waiting for that which you do not know is about to arrive. Will it be what you want or what you think you want? Will it be pleasant or will it bring you pain and suffering? These and other things are what cause you to be uncertain and impatient and yet, you must wait.

You cannot control the timing of what comes to you, and this is for your own benefit for how can you possibly know when it is the best time? How can you know the impact of receiving that which you wish to receive? You cannot see the entire picture, not even a glimpse of it, and yet you wish to control outcomes.

Let go of the need to control outcomes and stay focused on listening to the calling in your heart and soul. Only by listening to and following the direction of your calling will you truly be free. Only by listening to this calling will you find true peace, joy, and happiness in this life and beyond. You will not find these outside of yourself, no matter what you create for yourself.

Yes, you have the power within you to create what you truly desire in your life and in your relationships. Do you know what it is that you truly desire or long for? If you think you know, look even deeper for we can assure you it is not what you may think in this moment. It is beyond the surface of your illusions and is much more satisfying than you can even imagine.

Be grateful then for the waiting time and allow things to come to you in a way, and at a time, which is most beneficial to you.

Marisa’s Musings

For quite some time, I was resisting following my inner guidance. I was being guided to take a personal and spiritual sabbatical, and to stop working on my business for an unknown period of time.

My resistance was a result of fear. Fear of what might happen by taking this step. Will the time, money, and energy I invested up until this point be all for nothing? Will I be guided to stop my business altogether? Will I be guided to start over again with a new focus? How long will I be guided to take this time away from working on my business? Not knowing the answers to these questions kept me from taking a leap of faith until I finally had the courage to do so in late September.

Within a few days, I felt a sense of freedom and yet I also felt extremely uncomfortable. On one hand, the thought of being free to do whatever I wanted in every moment without thinking about my business felt amazing and yet on the other hand I felt very comfortable without my daily “work” routine.

I wasn’t sure how to spend my time. Working on my business has been consuming my days for so long that I lost touch with what I might enjoy doing outside of my work. I also felt uncomfortable not knowing how long I would have to wait before I received any guidance about what my next step would be in sharing my gifts in a way that would be of service to others.

I love coaching and mentoring and yet I wasn’t enjoying the other aspects of building a successful business. I know taking this time away from my business and focusing on my personal and spiritual growth and well-being will lead to something magnificent. In the meantime, I am choosing to wait with excitement and positive anticipation about what the Universe will bring to me, trusting that whatever it is will come at the right and perfect time.

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