Messages from the Light – Where Does Anger Come From?

Where does anger come from?

Many of you are angry with the world; angry with your spouse or partner; your children; your boss; even yourself.

What is the source of your anger? You may think it is because of something that is happening outside of yourself, and we are here to tell you that all anger, just like every other emotion you feel, comes from within you.

This is often a difficult concept to fully grasp and understand for it seems as if you would not feel angry if your external circumstances were different. The truth is that you would not feel anger if your internal circumstances were different.

Think about it this way. The exact same external circumstances may exist for two different people, and one may experience feelings of anger and another not. If the external circumstances were truly the cause, one would expect that all who have this experience would have the same feelings; right?

So why is it that different people have different emotions when faced with very similar external situations?

The reason for this is very simple. Each of you is a unique individual with unique past experiences that shape who you are today. Each of you carries within you memories from the past, many of which are unconscious, that often dictate your emotional reactions to various situations.

When you are ready to own your emotions by taking 100% responsibility for them and no longer blame others or circumstances for them, then you will have the power to experience your world differently; in a way that brings you joy rather than pain.

This is a process, and it is possible for each of you for many have already begun this journey and are reaping the rewards.

Marisas Musings

I used to really believe that my anger was a direct result of what others said or didn’t say, did, or didn’t do. It seemed logical to me that if they showed up differently in my life, then I wouldn’t feel angry.

What I didn’t realize at that time was that it wasn’t the actual situation that made me feel angry. It was my unmet expectations and what I made it all mean.

I’ve learned over the years that each of us interprets our experiences in our own way and it’s our interpretation of events that cause the feelings we experience within us. This is why you and I may experience different feelings even when we have a similar experience.

I also learned that my interpretations and what I make things mean are a direct result of my past conditioning and all my past unhealed emotions and wounds.

The more I take responsibility for my anger and any other feelings that pop up for me, like hurt, disappointment, frustration, etc., the more I’m able to look deeper within me to see the underlying cause of this pain, and the more I’m able to heal, let go, and experience more joy in my life.

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