Messages from the Light for September 2020

A Time of Great Awakening

This is a time of great awakening on your planet, and many of you are beginning to rise from your deep sleep. We are helping all of those who call upon us for our guidance and support, for without this call, all we can do is stand by and wait.

Yes, many energies are being focused on your planet at this time, and for those who are ready and who are earnestly seeking and asking for enlightenment, there will be a huge shift in their awareness and understanding, of not only themselves but others.

As you awaken more and more to the truth of who you are and why you are here on this planet at this time, you will be able to help others who are following behind you, leading the way as we lead the way for you. You are not alone and have never been alone no matter what you may have felt or thought in the past.

We are with you always, shining our Light and ready to assist you in finding your light that is within you, so that, you too, may shine light on this darkened planet. The time has come for planet Earth to rise from her slumber and into her magnificence and as each one of you does the same, you assist Mother Earth in reclaiming her true nature.

Collectively, you are much stronger than when operating or living your life in separation. As you unite in truth you will rise together into your magnificence and re-claim the power and wisdom that is yours and always has been.

If you could only see what we see. The possibilities of what could be, WILL be if you but do your part in the divine plan that awaits your remembrance.

Marisa’s Musings

This is a wonderful message of hope and a reminder for us all that what’s most important during this time is for us to UNITE and see the light in ourselves and one another.

We have the power to choose whether to stand together or apart. It doesn’t matter whether or not we share the same beliefs about what’s going on in our world right now or agree on how to best handle it all. What matters is for us to remember that the truth lives within each of us and all we have to do is look within to tap into it.

When we look within, we’re better able to discern what steps we must take to create the life and relationships we desire. As long as we look outside of ourselves, we will be bombarded with conflicting points of view that often lead to anger, hostility, and division by all those who cling to their perceptions of truth and fear what may happen if everyone doesn’t see things as they do.

We must stop allowing fear to be our guide and return to the power of LOVE. Only then, will we be able to see clearly and hear the guidance and wisdom being given to us from within the core of our being.

Whenever we feel challenged, uncertain, or unable to connect with our inner truth, we can call upon our guides and angels to support us. As was mentioned in the message above, they are always ready to assist us any time we call upon them. All we have to do is ask.

– Marisa

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