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How It All Started

When I started teaching Pilates over 34 years ago, I was also a Ph.D. student in Philosophy, with specialties in Ancient Greek Philosophy, Ethics, and Feminist Theory. As an adjunct Professor, I taught my students how to think critically, break down arguments, and recognize injustice and fallacies.

My Pilates clients have always been mostly strong, independent women who found themselves waylaid by chronic pain, joint replacements, and low bone density. Watching how the rest of their lives improved when they started to feel stronger and in less pain pushed me to do more of that work.

As a child of mentally ill parents, I was lucky to have strong, bright women around me who helped propel me forward. I’m so happy that now I can pay that forward and help empower another generation of strong, educated women!

Pilates Instructors

Pilates, while founded by a man – Joseph Pilates – has generally attracted mostly women and teachers as clients. While that is shifting (major league sports players, notably Harry Styles, and Giancarlo Esposito), women dominate the industry and often need support and coaching to really grow their businesses.

While Pilates certification programs teach you the Pilates system and how to teach it, most don’t focus on business at all. Teachers come onto the market not even knowing about liability insurance, taxes, and trademarks, let alone how to market and sell.

Women Are Scared

I see a lot of women who are scared – scared to move, scared they will hurt themselves or break a weak bone, and scared to speak up for themselves in medical settings. I also see a lot of Pilates Teachers who are scared – scared that they won’t make enough money or have enough clients. Scared that they don’t know enough to not hurt people.

To help my clients in more ways, I added coaching certification and reiki into my toolbox, allowing me to support women spiritually and emotionally, as well as physically.

How I Help

My academic background allows me to synthesize complex ideas and boil them down to clear and specific data, and this, believe it or not, is what primarily helps my clients. Whether they are consumers or Pilates Teachers, they are often confused, unsure of what to do, and unable to sift through the ridiculous amount of information out there.

So, when I come in with actual facts that I can back up, and then follow it with actionable advice, whether exercise instruction, business coaching, or help with mindset and stress relief, my clients can breathe a sigh of relief. Suddenly they can relax, follow my guidance, and get positive results.

And nothing makes me feel better than that! Empowering women to build better businesses and to feel and function better helps the world. Their relationships, family dynamics, and work dynamics inevitably change for the better.

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For more information or to get in touch with me, go to my Wellness Universe profile.

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